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No man would probably say no to the idea of penis enlargement. And no man would say no to the idea, most especially if the methods to be used are all natural. Some people might be skeptical about its effectiveness; however, it is true that exercises are some of the most popular ways on how to get a bigger penis these days because it is not only safe but effective as well.

Exercises for penis enhancement have been proven to be effective in increasing the size of your penis if you do it regularly. It can even make you erections stronger and longer. Being able to have a bigger penis can be such great news for you and for your partner. A big penile size is one of the things that can make sex more fun and exciting. Women would always love to play with bigger penises. In reality, women are particular about penis sizes.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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The aim when you do penis enhancement exercises is to increase the blood flow to your genitals. Remember that during sex, when the male is aroused, it is because of the blood flowing through his penis. So increasing in blood flow to your penis will result to a sturdy erection and a bigger and longer penis size.

These exercises should be done on a regular basis. You do have to allocate some time everyday day for perform these exercises. About 15-20 minutes daily can do wonders for the effectiveness of these exercises. Of course, you need to also have a rest day from doing the exercises to allow your penis to grow by itself and of course rest from being stretched.

One of the most popular exercises that you can do is the Kegel penis enhancement method. In this method, you will be squeezing the PC muscles and then release it. This exercise is very effective in making the penis grow bigger in a short period of time.

Jelqing is another method that you can use. This exercise was said to be used first by Arabian forefathers to increase their sons' penises and prepare them for marriage. With this technique, you will need to use a little lubrication like baby oil or body moisturizers/lotions. When your penis is semi-erect, grasp the penis base as if you are making an OK sign. Then, with a tight grip, you should slide the fingers towards the head of the penis.

Be mindful though, that your aim here is to push the blood flow. Once you have reached the head, use the other fingers of your other hand to perform it again. Keep using both your hands alternately so that you can perform a continuous jelqing exercise, this should be done for a period of 20 minutes everyday. This is one effective way on how to get a bigger penis in a safe and natural way.

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Ever since the beginning of time, men have tried hard to expand their penis size and the overall duration of their erections. In some cases, they have even sacrificed their safety and that of their manhood just to get the chance to make their penises bigger. From manual shaft stretching to jelqing penis enlargement exercises to hanging weights on the scrotum and the penis - men have tried them all.

Fortunately, jelqing penis enlargement exercises are quite reliable in this particular department. Known to originate from the Middle East, jelqing penis enlargement exercises were taught by fathers to sons to help enhance their sexual relationships.

These exercises basically involved teaching a penile massage that could increase a man's penis size. Today, jelqing is commonly used to describe various different natural penis enlargement exercises and a lot of college students from all over the world claim that it came about as a slang term for masturbation. Either way, jelqing penis enlargement exercises are mainly used to increase the girth and length of the penis nowadays. While it may take some time to see any significant results while doing this, the good news is that it also comes with a lot of different noticeable benefits for those who do them.

You are probably wondering whether jelqing penis enlargement exercises are actually effective at increasing a man's penis size, though. Well, it may definitely take time to master all of the intricacies of these particular exercises, but once you get the hang of them, penis enhancement is definitely possible.

One study revolving around the effectiveness of jelqing was conducted in the late 1970s. Brian Richards from the UK whose research was published in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted it. His research showed growth results of up to 87% for his test group at hand. 28 men also demonstrated verifiable and permanent penis enlargement after the entire three-month study.

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In terms of penis length, the men in the study experienced an average increase of 1.125 inches, though even the smallest increase was still 1 inch. The greatest increase in length was 1.5 inches. In terms of penis girth, the men in the study experienced an average increase of 1 inch, though even the smallest increase was still 0.875 inches. The greatest increase in girth was 1.25 inches.

As astounding as these findings are, though, the most important thing would still be to stay safe while doing these exercises at all times. This means that you should never forget to warm up before doing your exercises. You should also make sure that you grip your penis very gently at all times and only do the exercises at an intensity that you can comfortably tolerate. Make sure you do not jelq with a complete erection, either, and always leave the tip of your penis alone while you're at it, as well.

The warm up to these exercises basically involve a warm bath or a warm washcloth that can be applied to the penis. The main goal of this warm up is to simply send more blood into the penis in order to open up the blood vessels inside of it. After finishing the warm up, you can then do your jelq techniques as needed.

Another important thing to do before commencing with jelqing penis enlargement exercises would be to apply some lubrication onto your penis. A lot of men use water-based lubricants, even though they tend to dry it. After all, they are water-soluble and completely safe. Plus, they can just be reapplied as needed anyway. Oil-based lubricants should be avoided at all costs since they can clog the skin's pores and breed infection. Again: always stay safe, no matter what!

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Before penis enlargement exercises, it would be incredibly important to warm up your manhood first. The same way that stretches are important before running, warming up the penis before penis enlargement exercises is also important.

Doing certain warm-ups before penis enlargement exercises is incredibly vital because the penis has three chambers in it: one corpos spongium chamber and two corpora cavernosa chambers. The latter plays a very important part in penile exercises altogether.

See, the corpora cavernosa chambers need to be heated up before penis enlargement exercises in order to function properly and to prepare themselves for penile workouts. If they aren't warmed up, they will remain cold and could bring about blood spots and bumps on the penis. This is why warm-ups are so vital for your manhood beforehand.

It goes without saying that penile exercises will only work well and will only be effective if there isn't any injury involved whatsoever. In order to avoid these injuries, as well as spots and bumps, warm-ups will always need to be done before penis enlargement exercises.

Warm-ups can prepare your penis for these exercises by warming up the areas of blood in the corpora cavernosa chambers and expanding all of the tissues around them to make them more flexible as a whole at the same time.

If you don't know any warm-ups for the penis, then it might be best for you to stick to the most basic one for now: the warm washcloth warm up. All that you will need for this is a washcloth and some hot water to soak the washcloth in beforehand. Once the washcloth is warm enough, you can then place it on your manhood to expand all of the tissues inside of it and warm your penis up as needed before you do your exercises.

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The warm up has much more to it than that, though. To start, firmly grab your manhood by the tip in the most comfortable way possible. Then, lightly pull on it with just enough pressure, so that you can feel the necessary stretch up to the base of your penis. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and release and repeatedly do the same thing ten times.

For more variety, feel free to stretch your penis towards opposite directions - to the right and then to the left, 10 times on each side. If you think you have done enough stretches, massage your penis until you reach a semi-erection and then wrap the warm washcloth around it. Again: make sure the washcloth is only warm as opposed to scorching hot. Once there, keep the washcloth there for a few minutes and then place it back into the hot water again in order to warm it up more. Then, place it on your penis again and do this for 5 times while making sure the washcloth is always warm as needed for the warm up.

By doing this warm up before penis enlargement exercises, you can send much more blood into your manhood on a regular basis, so that it your penis is full of blood once you do your exercises. Doing this will ensure that the blood areas stay flexible and get bigger in time. This will also help blood circulate in your penis, in general, so that you can get bigger faster and get bigger gains at the same time.

Ideally, you should do the warm washcloth warm up before every penis exercise that you do. You won't just get bigger, better and faster gains this way, either; you will also get to avoid unwanted injuries, bumps and spots while you're at it. What more could you ask for?

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We all have seen those ads on special devices that claim to be able to stretch your male organ into a bigger size. Or the many different kind of supplement pills that promise to aid the natural growth of your penis. No matter how skeptical you may be, there is no denying you DO want to try them - just to experience the kind of increase in size down there you have always desired. But unfortunately, all of these specialized products cost a lot of money.

Thankfully though, you do not need to splurge on these fancy gadgets or pills just to gain an inch or more to your penis size!

What I am saying is, there is an alternative to using these expensive products and still get the same (or maybe even better) results too. How?

Start exercising your penis with your hands!

This ancient technique has silently helped countless numbers of men since centuries ago to realistically gain size to their manhood. And because of its simplicity, more and more guys today are turning to this method of penis enlargement as opposed to the more "mainstream" method of using tools or taking medications.

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Not only is penis exercising a very easy-to-do-at-home technique, it is also known to be fairly effective too! Even medical experts have recently given their thumbs up to doing exercises for penis enlarging. Doctors are also starting to recommend the exercises to their patients, and only turning to surgery for more serious cases.

As I mentioned earlier, the exercises are absolutely easy to perform! For instance, one routine only involves gripping the base of your penis shaft with your finger and thumb, and then "milking" it in slow stroking motions for several repetitions each day.

What happens within your male organ as a result of doing the exercises?

The various stretching and massaging techniques involved in the exercises help to increase the amount of blood which goes into the main blood channels inside your penis (called the Corpora Cavernosa). This forces the blood channels to expand in size and increase in capacity, gradually allowing more blood to be able to store inside them.

The result of this simple process is giving your male organ the ability to expand into a larger-sized erection whenever you get sexually aroused! And that, of course, matters a lot when it comes to the action in bed!

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