Signals, Signs, and Synchronicity

Embracing our “Inner Guru” begins with the journey of awakening to our immortal selves which stems from having faith in ourselves and trusting in a higher power. You are reading this right now because you seek inner wisdom. You have been lead or drawn to this message because you listened to the callings of you soul and followed the signs, signals, and synchronistic opportunities that led you to this very moment.

Perhaps you’ve already awakened to profound new inner realities that have ignited the spark within you that desires greater awareness, understanding, and empowerment. The truth is that we all have an “in-house” counselor hidden deep in the recesses of our hearts. Deep within us is a wise sage; the source of all wisdom. It is likely that you’ve identified yourself primarily with your physical body, and yet we are all far grander than the shell we appear to be. Beyond the mortal boundaries of our physical form, we are ageless, eternal, and magnificent beings that never die. Within us lies a chamber of jewels that is accessible within the heart. Within us lies the treasure chest of eternal knowledge that is always available. We tap into that limitless reservoir of wisdom by noticing, trusting and believing in the signs, signals, and synchronistic moments that appear before us each day.

With awareness and desire, we can receive these intuitive messages through subtle sight, sound, and sensing. We can open ourselves to fascinating new vistas of consciousness that have not yet been awakened within us by expecting and knowing that this ability to be our own inner counselor is our birthright. We don’t have to rely on anything or anyone outside of us to determine the road we should travel or provide us with validation or approval. All the answers we could ever need reside within us.

Signals come to us in one of six ways: sight, sound, taste, smell, feeling, or involuntary body movement. These signals are signs that our “inner guru” is present. The intuitive messages that are brought to us when we acknowledge the signals are inspirational and usually answer a question, guide us in a particular direction, or offer specific wisdom or knowledge that is highly applicable to our current situation. When we learn to pay attention to those signals and expect synchronistic moments, we step outside of the world of “luck” and “coincidence” and see the absolute beauty in the messages from the soul that are intended to guide us along our life’s path.

If you are ready to heal yourself, your relationships, and the planet, the greatest thing you can do for yourself is trust yourself and be open to the immense power inside of you that is ready, willing, and capable of keeping your life on track. To those who choose to dwell in the realm of five-sensory living, the idea of being guided daily by intuition may seem illogical, mysterious, or only available to special people with special gifts. Yet, this is our God-given right. It is something we can all access. Reclaiming access to the “inner guru” within you can transform your life from one that seems out of your control to one that is created consciously with wise decision that are directed by your soul.

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