Television is one of the most trusted media of entertainment for every household.Many new deviceshave been invented and stayed in the market like smartphones and tablets. But they couldn’t compete with the popularity of TV as an entertainment medium. Of course, TV as a device has upgraded internally. Now you watch smart TV in your house. But problems and glitches in television functioning is still a big concern. If any sudden break down happens, how will you be able to watch your favourite show on TV? 

There are a few signs that you should never ignore regardinga TV. If you face these following situations with the device, you must visit a professional TV repairing centre for that.

Have a look at these signs to confirm if you need TV repairing:

Automatic on and off by itself:

It is one of the common problems on TV. It stops suddenly and starts working after a few minutes back. The reason for such a problem can be a lot. Some of you try reset setting or to change the battery of the remote control for remedy. But a layman can't understand the facts behind it. It's better to take it to a repairing centre rather than experimenting with a critical electrical device like TV.

Colour distortion:

Sometimes, the TV starts functioning, but then suddenly the colour background gets distorted, discolouration happens. It is not at all common in a  working TV. Some of us try a home method like switching on and off, power turn off. Even you can try complete discharge from the electric socket. TV repairing centres in Howrah always recommend their client to stop experimenting with these methods. They are professional and feel that these problems need a practical solution from repairing centre. 

The picture is there but the sound is not or vice-versa:

It is a common sign that you should not ignore. Take your TV to professionals. You can try first at home by going to picture setting and sound settings. But in most of the cases, the only solution is to go to an authentic repairing centre. 

A colour line displayingvertically or horizontally in the screen:

This problem can be due to magnetic wave creation in the TV internally. One of the solutionscan be unplugging the TV and plugging it back. But if it is not fruitful, then repairing centre is the last resort. 

Fuzzy or blurry screen:

The fuzzy screen does not let you enjoy your favourite movie on the screen. The fuzziness of the screen can be due to distortion in picture quality. Well, whatever may be the reason it makes your life stressful ruining your movie experience. Hope you contact an authentic TV repairing centre and tell them about your TV issues.

Summing up:

These are a few signs that a common person can understand. However, all the problems related to TV repairing are not always the same.  Few problems only professional TV mechanic can understand. It is not possible to know everything about the TV's internalmechanism. Everytrouble fix is not mentioned in the manual or TV guide. 

Look for signs and call an authentic repairing service for the best help.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a business of TV repairing in Howrah.The author explains the signs for a better understanding of when you need TV repairing.