Lower back pain is something that more or less affects adults after a certain age. In fact, seven out of ten would keep on suffering from nagging lower back pains throughout different stages of their lives for various reasons.  

Now this pain can vary in terms of intensity, depending upon the reason. It can be intermittent, constant, sharp as well as dull and certain self-care procedures might help some cases.

That may include maintaining the correct posture while sitting, doing regular exercises and consuming OTC medicines that help to control the pain. However, none of these methods manages to return any definite or conclusive results and yields only temporary results.

This is where chiropractic treatment makes a difference. Although, to avail the treatment, patients need to know when exactly is the time to visit a chiropractor. There are certain symptoms, which will tell that it is time to turn to one.

Pain after sitting for long

Back or lower back pain does not always result from traumatic injuries sustained from an external source. At times, sitting in one or two particular postures for a long may result in back pain.

Again, when someone remains hunched for an extended period over a desk and does the same repeatedly, it may take a toll on the spinal cord. It results in misalignment of the spine, which disturbs the normal curvature of the spine. This results in stiffness as well as nerve intervention, causing acute lower back pain.

Visiting chiropractors will pay off in these cases. The professionals will detect any imbalance and rectify it with remedial massage therapy at their Brisbane clinics. They do so, by adhering to specific techniques that help to alleviate the pain.

Back pain sustained during Sports

Athletes sustain various injuries, and in most cases, their back and lower back are mostly affected. Now the nature and the gravity of these injuries would vary in accordance with the nature of sports an athlete is associated with. Contact sports like soccer, football and hockey would frequently cause injuries to the lower back muscles. In fact, sportsperson is more prone to soft tissue injury than non-sporting individuals.

Such injuries may result in acute stiffness and restricted mobility, which affects their sporting career quite adversely. In these cases, a visit to a chiropractor will be of immense help. A chiropractor can effectively contribute to the healing of soft tissue injury.

Presence of Pinched Nerves

When people have a pinched nerve, a chiropractor is the best professional to visit. Presence of a pinched nerve makes a person feel a sharp, acute pain that worsens with movements and the change of posture. It may also be accompanied by numbness along with a pin prickling sensation all over the back and lower back.

This is a typical back pain, which is caused when bone and hard tissue intrude into the region, which is supposed to be occupied by nerves.

This is another typical lower back pain that Brisbane chiropractors can address. They will identify the location and the exact cause of the affected nerve. They will reposition the muscles or bones to ease the existing tension and allow the nerves to function normally.

So these are quite a few other occasions when other conventional modes of treatment have not worked, and chiropractors excel in treating lower back pains. Patients just have to know when to visit a chiropractor by recognising the symptoms.

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The author is an experienced chiropractor who conducts remedial massage in Brisbane to alleviate back pain. The author is also a regular blogger and is followed by many.