Virtual administrative assistants are the next trusted secretary of the 21st Century, and you must be delighted about the summary of services they offer. True enough those online personal assistants you can find in various virtual assistant websites can adequately perform specific duties, but remember that there will always be VA’s who may not be right one for your business. So after a supposed to be great hire, how would you know if the process you’ve been through is worth the VA you hired?

Red Flags of a Bad VA Service

1. Poor communication skills. This is the first thing you must consider in looking for a virtual assistant, whatever type they may be. Reports, customer service, and other administrative duties require a satisfactory communication standard. It is also necessary that your virtual secretary will have an easy grasp of your instructions so that you wouldn’t have to repeat it many times.

2. Poor reviews. A freelancer typically has his records in the Internet. If he came from a virtual assistant company, be sure to ask for his previous employment record if he has been working correctly with other clients, and if they are satisfied with their service. Be careful not to ditch virtual assistants Philippines who have bad reviews, everybody must have one. Do not fret about 2 out of 100 bad reviews; this should be completely normal and tolerable. What you must look into further is a great portfolio that can impress any employer.

3. Low Bid/Rate. Though not reliable all the time, a freelancer’s rate for his service is often an indicator of his efficiency and experience for the job. Low priced services are always attractive for any businessman, but take note that you always get what you pay. Consider first their quality and assess if it suits the rate they charge. Virtual sales assistant who are not confident of giving the right price are also hesitant about their skills; however, salary should not be a prime indicator of VA efficiency.

4. Few Portfolio Samples. The first thing you would consider, especially for VA web programmers and home based virtual assistant writers, a collection of previous works are necessary. Job candidates will only show their best outputs, so it’s necessary for you to look for those portfolios that stand out. Otherwise, a candidate may not have enough experience and skills to offer your business.

Encountering an overrated virtual assistant is not likely to happen in virtual assistant companies. The staff they create for you are already sorted from a pool of the best virtual marketing assistant to make sure that your final selection is the best in their field.

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Kristine Ferguson is a supervisor of a call center managing various virtual marketing assistant working for American entrepreneurs. Aside from being part of the company's administrative department, she is also active at spotting a good Filipino virtual assistant for various various external clients. This virtual company look beyond what is written in a virtual assisrant resume, they improve what the VA applicants already have.