Being in love with a man you have broken up with is a unique challenge. a lot of women find themselves in this exact condition. They are trapped between moving forward and making an effort to build a life without their ex boyfriend or executing all in their control to attempt and get back together. It is useless to attempt and reunite with a man who is no longer interested in you. If you’re unsure regarding his actual feelings for you there are some signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you. If you observe any of these happening in your relationship with your ex, take heart, your ex boyfriend may want you back as badly as you yearn for him back.

One of the most sure signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you is how long he wants to hang around you. This consists of all the time he spends with you either in person, texting you, on the phone or emailing. Usually, when a man is really prepared to move on from a relationship that is broken he is going to stop all contacts with his ex. If he calls you often and wants to spend time with you, he is still into you. Even though he says that he just wants to be friends, if he is getting in touch with you frequently he wants more.

Another of the signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you is a quite more slight. Take note of how frequently your ex boyfriend wants to speak concerning your present dating life. When a man still has strong feelings for a woman he wants to make sure that she is not yet hooked up to someone else. All his questions regarding who you are dating may be a hint as to his feelings for you. Don't fall victim of thinking that making him envious is going to guarantee that you are going to win him back. If you think about telling him that you are dating someone else, you are going to in fact risk losing him for good. If you want to get back together with him be sincere and let him know that you are not seeing anyone and don’t intend dating anyone new for now. He is going to take that as a clue that you want him back as well.

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