When you hug her, she pulls away. She keeps to herself more lately. And she snaps at you when you ask for little favors. Might you be witnessing a few signs of a cheating wife?

Unfaithfulness is never welcome in a marriage, even in courtship or in dating relationships. It takes work to sustain a relationship, and unfaithfulness would only undermine what the two of you had gone through. When you see signs of a cheating wife, what should you do with it then?

Before we get to deal with unfaithfulness, we must first establish what the signs of a cheating wife are.

- A cheating wife does not respond to affection just like before. In fact, a cheating wife may not respond to affectionate gestures from her husband at all.
- A cheating wife seems irritated at the sight or the presence of her husband.
- A cheating wife withholds sex more.
- Ironically, a cheating wife may appear happier; but not because of you, her husband.
- A cheating wife keeps more secrets and is less chatty than before.

Generally, any noticeable change in the behavior of your wife should be cause for curiosity or a degree of being alarmed. When you notice these changes, do try to investigate a little, or observe her actions more.

When you have confirmed that your spouse’s actions are indeed the signs of a cheating wife, then you better get help in managing your anger. Preempt the possibility of turning violent by actually seeking help already, even before the anger boils up in you.

Put some geographical distance between you and your wife while you know you are seething from anger. Do not attempt to find out your wife’s other man; instead, try to get emotional and spiritual help to help you cope with this tragedy.

Do not drink yourself to an escape. Instead, work on getting your emotions dealt with. After which, forgive her. Try to hold off divorce, as much as possible. Maybe your wife was cheating because of lapses on your part. In general, if you still love her, try to get marital counseling and strive to save your marriage.

The signs of a cheating wife are serious; and yet, remember to keep a clear head in spite of the happenings around you.

Going to jail for any act of violence is not worth a hasty reaction. Neither is getting a drastic divorce going to solve your marital problems. Try to keep a level head when you see any signs of a cheating wife. Get to the root of the problem, and try to work your way through. In the end, it may be worth everything you’ve gone through.

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