Here are some of the major signs your ex wants you back.
They try to reach you with no particular reason.
They are always in places where you seem to be.
You have heard on the grapevine that they have no interest in new relationships.
Their appearance seems to have improved.
They seem to be trying to impress you.
They seem very touchy when they see you.
Greatly explain themselves when it seems they've done something to upset you.

Whether or not there are signs your ex wants you back, it's still possible to win them back. You can stop the permanent break up through these steps outlined below.

Step 1 - To Stopping A Break Up.

Try Not To Panic! Panicking can be very damaging and is a very bad thing to do.
This acts like a confirmation on their decision to break up with you.
This Pushes them further away, your probably being clingy and demanding more time.

Step 2 - Signs of Panic.
Don't Use Text messaging Terrorism, when you send a barrage of text messages.This seems like desperation!
Never get in contact when - Drunk or Emotional Dialing, calling over and over again.
Arguing about the break up will lead to disaster.
Contacting friends and family, your not accepting the reason for the break up.
"Accidental" Meetings.
Part 2 to follow.....

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