The Sikh Community hails from the state of Punjab in India. The community members are spread to all parts of India. The Sikh community members reside in large number in Canada. They are commonly known as Canadian Sikhs.

The Sikhs in Canada have immigrated as early as 1887. The first Sikhs in Canada came as soldiers during the British rule in India. The early Sikh members in the country were employed in Canadian Pacific Railway. Jobs like lying of railway tracks and working in lumber were done by the Sikhs then. The earning was less as compared to the local workers; the community saved enough money and got relatives and friends to Canada. Slowly and gradually, many Sikh members arrived in Canada and joined jobs in lumber mills, mines and in the army.

There were some rough periods for the Sikh community in Canada. Racism issues cropped up and the government policies were against the immigration of this community.

With the changing times, educated Sikh community members arrived in Canada. During the 1960s and 1970s, many Sikhs came and settled in the urban belt of Toronto to Windsor. The number of Sikh community grew by tens of thousands. Over a period, the Sikh community established places of worship and religious centers. There are Gurudwaras and Sikh community centers in most of the Canadian cities. The religious centers though have slightly different views on the faith and each has its own set of followers. The views also differ on political and social issues. Support and acceptance from the Canadian government, the Sikh community members now have access to complete set of ceremonies. Sikh Matrimony functions in Canada are organized in the same manner as in India. Other religious ceremonies are the Sunday prayer services in Gurudwara. Also organizing of langar, which is a free meal, provided the Gurudwara authorities.

A considerable population of Sikhs had immigrated to Canada to escape the attack on their community during the phase of operation Blue star in India.

The Sikhs residing in Canada have well adapted to the lifestyle changes and culture of the country. The Sikhs in Canada are spread in every province. The province of British Columbia and Ontario have many Sikh members residing.

The community members in this country are also commonly referred to as Punjabis. They are into business, trade, and contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy. Many Sikh community members in Canada are doing well professionally. They are in every field of work now-medicine, law, academics, research, and science and technology. Indian relatives search from the Canadian Sikhs to find suitable bride and groom for their sons and daughters respectively. They are very keen to organize Sikh Matrimony for their children in Canada.

Many Sikhs are also working in top government profiles in the country. Some notable Sikh community members residing in Canada are as follows:

1. Navdeep Singh Bains - MP
2. Gurbax Singh Malhi - MP
3. Bal Gosal – MP
4. Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal - MP
5. Hardial Bains – He is the founder of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist–Leninist)
6. Ujjal Dev Singh Dosanjh – he is a Former Premier of British Columbia

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