A is for Attitude as a key ingredient. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you choose, you will be right. So why not give this your best shot. If so, it’s the last time you will have to face this problem.
A is also for Appetite Suppressant. No, not drugs. In your brain, the hunger and thirst center are so close, that they overlap. Drink two glasses of hot water 10-15 minutes before eating. Add a little lemon juice if you like. You will discover this helps digestion and cuts your appetite.

B is for Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, but millions have no appetite then because their stomach worked all night on supper when they were active to use the food well.
B is also for Between-Meal Eating. NO snacks. Nothing but water between meals, but drink whenever you get a craving to eat. The swallowing of something helps and water is physiologic.

C is for Concentrated Calories. Fat has twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates or protein. Baked goods have shortening by the cupful—bad idea.
C is also for Concentrated Calories in sugar or corn syrup—read the label…

D is for Don’t read the label…it’s better not to eat foods that come with labels; you get the idea.
D is also for Dinner. Dinner is defined as the main meal of the day, but don’t do it at night. If you want a social time for family; you can get up early and visit over breakfast; we’ve done it!

E is for Exercise. When you get a craving to eat or nibble after a meal, go for a walk instead.
E is also for Exercise early before breakfast when you push yourself to fast walking near max. This is help increase your metabolic rate so you burn more calories, even when not exercising.

F is for fasting. Most overweight people have large, over-stretched stomachs that do not feel full until too much has been eaten. Fasting shrinks the stomach so it is satisfied with less. Fasting is also done each night—break fast in the morning. If not hungry then, fast till you are.
F is also for Fiber. Foods high in fiber add to satiety or satisfaction with a meal. This includes whole grains and legumes like beans and peas as an excellent source of protein.

G is for God. He is often last, but not least. This last step fits with #1: Attitude and Over-eaters Anonymous have 12 Steps that start with realizing our lives have become unmanageable and we turn ourselves over to God as we understand Him. From personal experience; He will meet you more than half-way. As an aid to this and all of the above, consider reading a chapter from The Ministry of Healing each day—a chapter a day will keep the psychiatrist away & help you. It is online at WhiteEstate.org Click online books in left column and scroll down.
G is also for Guarantee. These steps are not hard, not as bad as dying—but die is part of diet.
You will soon be appreciating new foods and flavors that satisfy and you will feel better.

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