Putting a baby to sleep and keeping them asleep for a couple of hours are challenges that most parents encounter during the first two years. Knowing the sleep pattern of the baby and adjusting this to a healthy and more manageable routine will ultimately benefit the parents. There is no proven and time-tested solution to put baby to sleep. It all varies from baby to baby and certain needs that they may have. Being able to respond to those needs in the proper manner will help reduce sleeping challenges that every parent wants to resolve. Here are some simple tips for baby sleep you can consider.

Set a Feeding/Sleeping Routine

Babies usually wake up at night if they need to feed. Before putting them down, make sure they are fully fed in order to avoid the midnight bottle. This is a way to set a routine that feeding is done during the day and sleeping is for nighttime. Babies won’t have the tendency to go looking for milk in the middle of the night when they are fed well before bedtime. This is equivalent to more sleep for parents, too.

Monotonous or Repetitive Sounds

Soothe the baby to sleep with background music or white noise like the cycle of the fan blades. To some infants, the tick-tock sound of the clock, the metronome, and the nighttime sound of crickets sooth them to sleep. Other parents choose ocean waves and waterfalls ambient sounds to soothe their infants during nighttime.

Shared Nighttime Parenting

Mothers are naturally and usually the parent who puts babies to sleep after breastfeeding or bottle feeding. However, many experts recommend shared nighttime parenting so baby can also be used to the father’s comforting presence. This is also to give some time for the mother to rest and recharge from a tiring day caring for the baby. In this way, dependency on the mother is reduced, making way for more flexibility in sleep routine. Otherwise, baby will always rely on the mother to be able to sleep at night.

Bright Light in the Morning

To have a healthy sleep pattern and signal to the baby to awaken in the morning without forcing him or her to do so, you can let natural light come in through the windows. This is also to set the tone of when to sleep and when to awaken. When they have the idea that the morning is the time to awaken, it would be easy to put them down in a dimly lit room. Take note that babies should have healthy sleep patterns.

When Is It Advisable to Rely on Sleep Gadgets?

Any sleep-deprived and tired parent would appreciate any great solution to help baby be put to sleep in the fastest and easiest manner. Some are even willing to pay a lot to get sleep gadgets like a breathing teddy bear that can record a mother or father’s voice to soothe the baby to sleep. However, this is not always a recommended option especially as attachment parenting promotes actual human contact and comfort that can’t be easily replaced by an artificial teddy bear. The security and affection derived from human contact are essential to the baby’s need for emotional attachment.

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