We are often told that we "should" meditate. But who has the time to sit still for an hour every day? As a parent of a nearly 2 year old boy, I know it's almost impossible to do that in my daily life. Have you been beating yourself up for not meditating? You can bring in some time of spiritual centering without having to do the traditional Eastern version of meditation. Here's how.

First of all, I want to suggest that you change your concepts about what meditation is. I agree 100% that making time for spiritual reflection and connection is essential on a daily basis if you want to get the full richness and joy out of life. But there is more than one way to do this.

Some have been taught that you must center your mind and remove all thoughts from your consciousness. This is very hard to accomplish. If you have a Clairaudient gift (and we all do!) your thoughts are streaming in all the time as you interpret and sense your environment. If Clairaudience (intuition) is your primary gift, it is next to impossible to shut off these thoughts. In fact, you really wouldn't want to because you would actually be shutting down your innate sensitivity and inner guidance. That is the very thing you are trying to develop.

Instead of trying to clear your mind, I invite you to focus instead on tuning in to guidance and receiving clear messages for your spiritual growth.

The second fallacy about meditation is that the longer you do it, the better off you'll be. Sure, you would probably feel amazing if you spent 3 hours meditating in an Ashram in India, but is that a reality in your daily life?

This is about quality over quantity. Make the quality of your spiritual connection time more important than the length of time. We know that for exercise, 20 minutes of exercise every day is more beneficial than 2 hours on one day, and nothing for the rest of the week. The same principle applies here.

My suggestion is to spend just 10 minutes a day connecting with your inner guidance. Choose which time of day works best for you. Most often, this will either be in the early morning, or evening before bed. For me, my time is just before I go to sleep at night. If you can do both morning and evening, even better, but don't overwhelm yourself yet! Just pick one and make it a consistent routine in your life.

Here's one way to create a daily meditation and reflection time to tune in to your inner guidance:

1. Spiritually cleanse yourself and cleanse the environment.

2. Reflect on your keyword for the day and what it meant to you. Journal a few sentences about what you learned and experienced that day. If you experienced some challenges that day, write what you would do differently next time.

3. Ask your angels if there is anything they would like to share with you.

4. Cleanse and ask your angels for a keyword for tomorrow.

5. Write down the keyword and any other impressions about what this word means to you at this time.

That's it! Do this routine consistently on a daily basis, and you will notice your life beginning to change. Your angels are always solution oriented, and so they will bring you ideas and solutions for your life that you would never have thought of on your own. You just need to ask and have a little personal time to check in.

Try this routine for at least 30 days. Let me know in the comments below how connecting with your guidance daily has changed your life!

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