Depression can easily be cured through dream therapy because it is only a first indication that there is a certain abnormality in the functioning of your psyche. Depression is not a mental illness in its initial stages. It is in fact the beginning of a process of consciousness that can have positive results.

However, depression can also become a serious mental illness, and lead you to worse mental disorders, like manic depression or neurosis. This is why you must urgently follow psychotherapy if you are depressed. Otherwise, the consciousness given by your depression will have negative results, while it should help you become more intelligent thanks to the vision you’ll have.

When you are depressed you have a normal reaction before the horrors of human life. You feel depressed because your soul is shocked with all the contradictions you find.

There are numerous dangers threatening your happiness all the time.

Besides this recognition, many bad memories from your sad life story marked by a series of traumas increase your fears. You feel that there is no meaning on pursuing happiness in life.

This is a wise comprehension. When you understand the difficulties of life and you face existential problems that have no solution, you stop being a child. You stop believing in magical ways to get what you want.

Finding happiness in life is a very difficult matter. There are too many obstacles and enemies constantly preventing you from achieving your goals.

You may also realize that you made many serious mistakes in the past, which cannot be corrected now. You feel imprisoned into a labyrinth. You keep finding walls.

I was in such situation when I was a young mother. At that time, I had no money to pay for a long treatment with a psychoanalyst, and I had to be with my baby all the time. Fortunately, I found salvation by learning how to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

You are luckier than me because you can learn the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Jung through my simplification, and find a simple depression treatment you can easily follow alone. I had to look for solutions during many years before being able to simplify everything.

Your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. Once you learn the unconscious language, you’ll discover the hidden messages contained in all dream images.

Here are the first steps you should follow:

* Keep a dream journal, writing down all your dreams. Even if you cannot remember all dream scenes, write down whatever you remember from a dream. A single dream image can already give you important information, especially if it is an important dream symbol, like the snake.

The snake represents a bad event that will put an end to one of your mistakes. It works like punishment, correcting your behavior. However, if you’ll follow the unconscious guidance in your own dreams, you won’t need to pass trough a bitter experience in order to stop making a certain mistake.

* Keep a diary. Write down what happens to you every day, so that you may relate this information to the information you have in your dreams. The unconscious mind talks about your daily problems in dreams, besides criticizing your behavior.

* Read my lessons and translate the meaning of the dream images. First of all, look for the known symbols in each dream. Important dream symbols like the water, the airplane, or the cat, will help you understand the basic unconscious messages contained in the dream scenes.

Too much water in a dream represents superficiality and lack of faith. However, if you see only a few drops of water in a dream, water represents forgiveness.

When you fly by plane, this means that you have attained a higher level of knowledge after understanding something very important in life.

The cat shows you that you are being foolish for some reason. You are not seeing something obvious.

Now, when you put everything together, and you pay attention to the dream story, you understand the unconscious guidance.

For example, if you saw a flood in a dream, then you tried to travel by plane but the airplane couldn’t fly, and in the end of the dream you saw a cat, you will already have important information.

The unconscious mind is showing you that your lack of faith (too much water) is preventing you from understanding something very important in life (you cannot fly by plane). You must smarten up (cat) and do something obvious that will help you finally solve your problems.

Now, you have to relate this information to your life, since you are the dreamer. Let’s suppose that you are depressed because you have no friends, and you keep fighting with everyone you know.

The unconscious messages show you that you are depressed because you don’t believe in salvation (flood). Without believing that your existence has a superior meaning, you cannot face all life challenges with courage. You should believe that you will find the support you need.

On the other hand, you must understand something very important that you don’t want to understand (so that you may travel by plane and attain a higher level of knowledge). You have to abandon old ideas and stop following false concepts.

You also have to stop being immature (cat). Pay attention to all the possibilities you have at your disposal.

If you want to make many friends and stop having social conflicts, you must trust God’s wisdom, transform your personality, and become more intelligent.

The unconscious mind shows you in dreams the solutions you cannot discover alone. You learn how to solve your problems, one by one. Then, you’ll finally find the happiness you pursue.

This is how dream therapy works. This is a very simple depression treatment because you are guided by the unconscious mind. You are not alone, trying to figure out what to do in order to solve your problems, without knowing where to begin from. The unconscious mind shows you exactly what you have to do, and how you can achieve your goals.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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