Nowadays we are living in an environment which is not so healthy and clean atmosphere, comparing to ancient days; we are surrounded by pollutions like

Air pollution,
Water pollution,
Noise pollutions…
These are the main pollution causing issues which are affecting directly to our environment and the place we are living.

When we don’t have a good and healthy surrounding, how can we expect a good and healthy life? There is more chance of having frequent health issues.
And these health issues are coming from our surrounding and from the bad environment which is due to not taking care of our surrounding and disturbing the god gifted beautiful nature in the name of development and progressiveness.
For example, cutting down trees for building malls, apartments, grounds etc. creates an imbalance in nature.
So doing this we all are compromising with our health and wealth …how???
The polluted air may be the reason to have health issues like fever, flu, breathing problems and asthma etc.

The polluted water may be the reason for malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc.
From the noise pollution, it affects our hearing ability and disturbing peace of mind by nonstop sound and which affects our work and normal life.

The polluted soil which affects directly to the fields where we grow the grains, vegetable, and fruits, where the same polluted soil is playing an important role in growing all these food sources for human consumption.
And these are the pollutions and bad environment which frequently affects our body and we do have health issues like

Breathing problem
With these problems for treatment we frequently visit the doctor but these are the health issues which we are getting from our surrounding …these are the problems which we are not getting by birth or hereditary and by age…..we do get these problems from the environment…so here visiting every time to doctor or clinic it’s not a healthy way to treat our body and health problems with several medications many time.

We can go for a safer and effective alternative for this called home remedies or natural remedies which we can prepare the remedies or medicines at the home only and that too from the things which we require for remedies preparation, which usually we have in our home especially in the kitchen for example turmeric.

Turmeric is one of the known and popular roots; it is a flowering plant of the ginger family. It is one of the most popularly used roots in Ayurveda treatment, herbal treatment and Unani in Asia for thousands of years. The other names of turmeric are Curcuma, Arisina, haldi, and Manjal and the scientific name of turmeric is Curcuma longa.

We know some of the uses of turmeric …but you may not know more and more uses of turmeric that we can use in a different way and for different health issues…you can know all those by reading the secrets of or benefits of turmeric in home remedies through the books and through browsing in the internet.

Some of the advantages of turmeric in terms of our health…
1) Helps in boosting our immunity, we used to have turmeric by mixing it in warm milk especially during fever, as it is anti-fungal, anti-flu and anti-viral.
2) Turmeric has very good healing properties. As we remember how our parents or grandparents used to apply on if we have any cut injury, burn or any infection. Turmeric is an anti-bacterial & antiseptic root
3) Turmeric is used as a pain reliever
4) It improves our liver function as it has an anti-oxidant ability
5) It is very good for digestion as we used it in our cooking for flavor and texture purpose, but it is also good for digestion.

Like this, the turmeric is one root which we is popularly used especially in India, but we have many herbs and roots which are very useful to our health which effectively helps us in curing our health problems, only we need is to have the information about the remedies ,uses and expertise in preparation and steps of treatment at home.

In India, we know about the home remedies or natural remedies well comparing to other country people because the practice of Ayurveda is going, here since thousands of years .In Ayurveda we can have all explanation and how the ancient people of India were using and vaidyas(doctors) practicing these remedies.

Here one more herb which we have and is very important and popular herb Tulasi. By knowing more about tulasi and its benefits, we can use it effectively curing our health problems at home only.

Tulasi/ Holi basil is one of the powerful herb/leaf/ which is most widely used and popular herb in the category of herbs. In Ayurveda since thousands of years in the field of medical treatments, this herb is used. It’s famously called the “queen of herbs” or “mother of medicines”, because of its effectiveness and uses in several health issues as a remedy.

Some of the areas where the Tulasi herb are used
In natural/herbal remedies
In Ayurveda treatment
In some of the cooking and beverage making
As holy leaf while worshiping God
Some of the health benefits of Tulasi herb

• Helps in getting rid of acne problem
• Balancing hormones and stress level
• Controlling the fever
• Helps in dental care
• Good source of vitamin K
• Helps in respiratory problem
• Helps in fighting cancer
• It is good for the heart
• It helps in keeping sugar level in control
• Works as a pain killer

Like this we have many herbs like turmeric and Tulasi which are the ones we know how to use and popularly using it…but in home remedies many herbs, or roots are there which are immensely effective to particular health problem. We need to know the value of it, uses of it and good information about it.

You might have seen the people with bad habits or drug addicted person and who are addicted to smoking/drinking etc, and unable to come out of it and this addiction of that person is not only affecting his\her health, it is even impacting negatively on the entire family.

Can you believe that even that addiction problem also we can effectively cure by simple home remedies without taking addicted person to the hospital if the addicted person wants to get rid of the addiction and need some natural remedies to support his de-addiction process

That much power and effectiveness and variety of home remedies are there which can help us in leading a healthy life without consulting the doctor for small ailments and frequent consumptions of chemical based medicines. If we put little effort in knowing the herbal remedies and the preparation of remedies, according to the expert guide we can find natural remedies for many small ailments and cure ourselves.
I hope you all might have used home remedies in your life in some way and just use it more and more you will know the benefits and effectiveness of the home remedies.

PS – The Home Remedies suggested here and on the links are for general information only and anybody willing to try these must consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner before doing so. Although natural remedies do not cause severe side effects, some might be allergic to certain plants, nuts or oils and it is strongly recommended that these remedies have to be tried only after consulting with your doctor.

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