Plain monotonous slides without personality or inundated with text lacks the presenter’s enthusiasm. However, user’s bash PowerPoint for ineffectiveness, but it is still a widely used app. Experienced users employ them tactfully to create interesting and engaging presentations. This article written with the help of
You can do awesome things with this popular presentation tool. Make sure that you don’t over use them, but use them scarcely on the presentation templates for highlighting. This can certainly create a good impression. Otherwise, it will produce an effect like a kaleidoscope - full of visual chaos.
Presentations influence viewers to listen cautiously and learn new information or can be drifted towards a dream world. How you deliver the information along with the PPT is important
Ideas to enliven presentations
Good photo or graphics is admired by all. Audiences understand more, when pictures and words are blended rather than only words. Well-selected picture reinforces the main idea you desire to pass across in the presentation. Download some great and visual premade templates from


Table allows the presenter to defend their position or plead a case. Raw table statistics is mostly unquestionable. Create a table, if you desire to show how statistics support your message.


PowerPoint Chart is very persuasive. Graphs presentation like columns, bars, and pie slices reveal the ups and downs instantly. Audience can easily compare data and identify what is what via charts. By the way, a nice collection of data driven charts can be found here )


Shapes and lines can illustrate ideas and concepts. They can be used as slide decorations.

Make diagrams move

PowerPoint diagrams are great. They break the slides text and help to convey information clearly and quickly. Animation and timing aspects added to the elements allow sliding in at the right moment, during presentation. Remember, not to go beyond it. Try some professional diagrams from
Select new backgrounds
For a special presentation consider using stunning, fresh backgrounds that blends with the message, you desire to convey. Lots of free templates are available online. You can get inspired from these and create your personal unique template.
Create customized bullets
Bullet points serve a purpose of providing information in a concise easy-to-understand form.PPT enables you to replace other characters or your personal artwork for the regular square or round bullets.
Time your presentation right
Timing the presentation right is actually an art rather than science. Both automatic and manual slide movements need to be handled appropriately. To advance automatically, the risk of going fast or slow can distract audience response. Manually operating the slides can possibly make the speaker wander-off the subject or over-explain things that the audience is not interested in.
Therefore, vary the timings of your slides, so as to keep everyone engaged. Set less time for short slides and more time for content-loaded slides. Audience will realize this variation and respond, accordingly. Remember, manually handling can cause listeners to lose path and mentally wander away from the room.
Use video clips
Video clips are fast-moving and funny. Video can be incorporated in your presentation to explain vital segments. For example, you can show feedbacks from live customers. Include a funny mobile phone video of an employee balancing coffee cup on the head.
Little music
PPT makes it very simple to add songs or sound effect to the presentation. Make sure not to overuse sound effects, so go easy. A little sound added to commence the start of new section or give participants a break, while material is passed around or play music while montage of images is displayed on the slides.
Blend it well for awesome visual
PowerPoint templates make all elements in the presentation consistent. It ensures that the slides, background, heads, text and bullets look practically good altogether.
Presentations must not be tedious for speakers. They must try to be efficient and get ideas across not in a stifling way that puts listeners asleep. Therefore take time to prepare, make it effective, fun, and engaging.

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