One of the biggest challenges one has to face when traveling or migrating into the Philippines is importing their pets. The good thing about importing pets into the Philippines is that the country and its system love pets. The process is relatively easy and the documentary requirements are easy to procure. One just needs to know what documents are these and what agency of the Philippine government processes all of these. Here is a general guideline on how to import pets, particularly cats and dogs, into the Philippines.

Step 1: Secure a Health Certificate

One of the most important documentary requirements for importing pets into the Philippines is a health certificate. A health certificate is important because this attests or certifies that the cat or dog to be imported is healthy and is free of any disease. When getting a health certificate makes sure that the veterinarian that issues it is a duly licensed local veterinarian. It would be preferable if the veterinarian has experience in previously issuing a health certificate; however, professional experience is not a mandatory requirement, as long as the veterinary is duly licensed and has a clinic operating within the country of origin.

Step 2: Have the Health Certificate Certified

The health certificate procured by the importer must be certified. The certification is necessary because a stamp of certification proves that the health certificate is valid for all intents and purposes and that the clinic or veterinary that issues it has authority to issue it; in short it is a truthful document that proclaims all the health details needed to show that the cats and dogs to be imported is safe, healthy, and does not have any diseases. There are two (2) certification process needed to make the health certificate procured from the veterinarian is valid. First, is the certification made by the relevant foreign affairs office of the country of origin; next step is the certification to be made by the Philippine Consular Office in the country of origin. Bear in mind that the health certificate is generally effective only for thirty (30) days reckoned from the date when the vet issued it. The importer needs to complete all the needed certification before the thirty (30) days validity of the health certificate expires. Also, make note of the fact that there are certain charges for these types of certification; know beforehand how much is needed to be paid before getting the certifications.

Step 3: Secure an Import Permit

After getting the required certified health certificate for your cats or dogs it is now time to get the needed import permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) located in the Philippines. The BAI is the governmental authority who can only issue the import permit needed to allow the entry of imported pets. When getting a permit, go to the Animal Health Division (AHD) of the BAI which is the department that administers the issuance of the import permit. Procuring an import permit also requires payment of certain fees. The applicant also needs to show a copy of the certified health permit. The importer may call the BAI directly to know the needed documentary requirements and fees to be paid needed to facilitate the processing and procurement of the needed import permit.

One of the questions asked about the procurement of import permit is that can it be applied by any person other than the importer, and the answer to this question is yes. An authorization letter is also needed to state that the applicant is the authorized representative of the importer. After the application process is completed, it will take several business days to know whether or not the import permit application has been rejected or approved.

Step 4: Presentation of Documents

The original certified health certificate and the import permit must be shown upon arrival of the pets into the airport in the Philippines. The airport authorities will then inspect if these documents are valid or not.

For more details about the import requirements the applicant or importer may reach out the BAI with the following details:

Address: Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. No.: (+632) 926-6883

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For more details about the import requirements the applicant or importer may reach out the BAI with the following details: