Do you feel imprisoned and debilitated by your procrastination habit?

Is it difficult for you to get started but easy to make excuses?

If your answer to both is yes, then you must read on.

For a long time I suffered from procrastination when it came to launching our online business.

I found every reason under the sun of why it wasn’t the right time, why it wouldn’t work, and why it wouldn’t be successful.

Procrastination was the killer to my advancement and growth in both my career and my life.

Luckily however, I managed to break free from this habit, and it is something that you can do to.

Procrastination is without doubt one the major ways to prevent anyone from achieving and succeeding in life

Procrastinators sabotage any chances they have of success by consistently placing obstacles in their path, and going back on their personal promises and commitments.

In this article I will discuss quick and easy ways on how to keep yourself from procrastinating, and finally kiss your procrastination habit goodbye forever.


The first step is to know yourself. Observe yourself and learn how you react to things.

Know which activities or tasks are difficult and/or boring for you. Be aware and mindful of your actions and take note of the things you say to yourself in order to avoid doing certain tasks.

If possible, jot these down on a sheet of paper so you don’t forget. In a matter of weeks, you will get a picture of how you behave and what triggers your habit of procrastinating.

Now that you know which ones you hate doing or you feel tired of working on, you can start making small steps to change or correct this behavior.

All it takes is a baby step, and soon you should be breaking the habit of procrastination.

You should be committed to this endeavor and keep yourself motivated by providing small rewards that would keep you going, e.g. relaxing half hour break reading your book or even a nice meal at your favorite restaurant.


Next, be organized. Keep a tally, a calendar, or a planner in order to manage and maximize your time. Also, seeing that things get accomplished in concrete terms, you get more motivated to keep on going.

Simplify big tasks into small sub-tasks to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and also to see that there is progress with the effort you are exerting.

Also, learn to prioritize. An effective system of doing work is to finish one task at a time, starting from the one that is the most urgent.

If you multitask, you run the risk of not finishing everything. Though, some people are great multi-taskers, some just get caught up with all the trouble of running to and fro just to finish everything all at the same time.

By observing yourself, you should also know by now what your capacities are. Learn to say no to extra favors or errands that you cannot really accommodate.

By thinking that you are superman, and that you can do everything, you get really tired just by thinking about the work that you have to do. Thus, eliminate those that you don’t really need to do, so your tasks will become more manageable.


Finally, visualize your end goal, which is to be able to finish everything and get rewarded for what you have done.

This is a great reminder that everything will get done very soon, if only you get started right away, no questions asked, no excuses.

People always say that they are waiting for the right timing, when they are “in the mood.” While, this is great for crammers, the output actually gets compromised most of the time.

If you are given ample time, you should make use of that to work, work, work!

Procrastination can be a major problem in both your career and personal life.

Make the decision today to finally break away from your procrastination habit so your life can be more satisfying and fulfilling than ever before.

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Procrastination is a very common problem that can lead to increased stress levels, lost opportunities, heightened frustration, and ultimate failure. Discover more about the common causes of this debilitating problem so you can finally end your procrastination habit for good.