From the statistics it is apparent that our consumption rate is rising at a staggering pace. We are quickly depleting natural resources such as water, energy, food, etc. in a bid to meet the rising demands. It has become necessary for everyone to make changes in his or her lifestyle to help our environment sustain itself against our unfavorable practices. The issue of environmental challenges has been addressed so many times through the media and other conventions; this is the time to act, putting into practice the methods that have been proposed over the years. We can reduce our ecological footprint by adopting the following steps:

Finding ways to reduce our waste

We can choose to ignore the use of polymers in favor of biodegradable packaging to reduce the impact of our waste on the environment- says Brandon Thompson. There are many companies that have adopted their packaging products to feature only eco-friendly materials which are safe for the environment. In your home, consider the use of recyclable coffee cups, and plates, as well as trash cans.

Shop for organic foods

We can encourage the efforts of our local farmers by patronizing their products. Buying organic foods at profitable prices will encourage the local farmers to increase their production. This means lesser dependence on imported foods and access to healthier and more nutritious foods.

Adopt energy efficient strategies

You stand to benefit immensely by adopting energy efficient strategies such as putting out the lights in your home when not in use, minimal use of water, and turning off your electronic devices when they are not in use. You can gain control over your energy consumption by using a power strip or installing a common switch that shuts down the remote energy sockets when it is switched off. It is also a great idea to use the low consumption LED bulbs, and shower systems that consume less water.

Take a walk

Cars have become a problem, with the increasing trend of air pollution; it will be great if more people would rather walk to their destinations that drive cars. The statistics in the United States show that about 50% of the air pollution is due to the use of cars. When more people choose to walk reasonable distances or use the buses or train, the collective effort will have a positive impact on your city and globally.

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