There are some tips when you travel with your pet, that you really to pay high attention at and these are the following.

Noise is not something they feel comfortable with

The sounds produced during boarding and during the trip can deconstruct, even distress and scare our pet. Very loud voices, whistling people, loud speakers, car and big truck noise, ship noise are just some of those that trigger the problem and concern of our pet, let alone if it travels for the first time.

The best preparation for this is simulation. Practically, put on YouTube, in a video or audio file, similar sounds to those of the trip - at low intensity at the beginning and reward your pet. Slowly with the passing of the days, increase the tension until it reaches the real level you will meet the day of travel. When you see that your pet feels comfortable with the noise and does not react with fear, stress or aggression you are ready! Stress goes away once and for all, and only the positive experience of reward that will follow us on our journey remains.There is nothing worse than going out to relax and having to spend the time of your stress-filled trip for your dog's "not socially acceptable" behavior. Cats generally remain silent and somewhat silently process the area but our dog is not always the same.

Practically this means that if your dog is barking constantly or constantly crying, this is not pleasant either for you or for your passengers.

A socialized dog with both strangers and other animals is a happy dog ​​that will never create a problem. Before you leave for a holiday make sure to thicken your walks and reward the good behavior of your dog so that it repeats every time you are in crowded places.

Eating before the trip

Many pets are uncomfortable with a full stomach. Avoid feeding up to five to six hours before a trip to avoid nausea and vomiting. As for water, be sure to give small frequent quantities during the trip to avoid stomach upsets again.

A suitcase for that too!

Along with your suitcases, consider another one smaller for your pet friend. Basic contents include: food, bowls, spray for extras, pharmacy with all necessary, medication if followed, shampoo, dry cleaning wipes, towel, collars and guides, delicacies, toys and brush.

Who are you?

Make sure you get started with the latest vaccine updates. Also make sure you wear the badge in the collar and have at least two means of identification. Make sure your information is valid and up-to-date! You don’t want to relax at a luxury spa Bali is known for and all of the sudden looking terrified for your precious dog all over this beautiful island.

Means of transport

As for cats you will need a carry box so your cat feels safe but also has its own space. Make sure that the box is comfortable and can both turn and lie down in it. As for your dog: For small dogs you can choose both a transport box and a carry bag.

Toilet please

It's a little unlikely your pet wants to poo on the trip, as the surprise, the joy and the new stimuli will have taken his mind! It's also in motion so it's relatively unlikely ... But! You must be ready for all; the proactive owner is a happy owner.

Artificial means of calmness

In very difficult cases where you have not been able to follow all the above, and if you believe that your pet will become stressed and react badly during the journey then there are both herbal supplements for relaxation as well as sprays sprayed in the collar or in some cloth and placed close to our pet for relaxation. We have it all.

Do not pick up a pet and let him wake up in a new place without knowing how he got there. It is extremely stressful and stressful, especially for those who have a cat. Think and apply one step methodically to avoid such pills and everything will go well!

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.