Let’s assume you have already created your business mobile app and it has some visitors and it is generating some revenue. But if you are not doing anything to re-engage your dormant mobile app users then surely you are losing an opportunity to earn more and leaving lots of potential revenue. In other situation, if your app users are leaving through the back door as soon as you acquire them then you are wasting your marketing and advertising efforts and spend. It takes time and efforts to create a result-driven marketing campaigns to give exposure to your mobile app but if you unable to make the users stay then these will be a total waste.

Although so many businesses go for Mobile App Development but research says, acquiring new users is about ten times costlier than retaining existing ones and retained users and their repeat app purchases account for over 50% of the total app’s revenue. Hence you should make your app engaging, attract users and present them with required content to make them stay but re-engaging inactive users is a different game altogether and it is not that easy. But it is really possible to bring back those dormant users. Actually there are many ways to do that. Below we are discussing about such innovative ways which can bring back your dormant app users back to your app and increase your revenue.

Find Out Why App Users Left Your Mobile App:
Find out the exact reason why your users are leaving your app as it is important to know while we are fully optimizing their user experience. There can be numerous reasons why users are deleting your mobile app for example your app may not be engaging users, you are targeting a wrong audience or your app lack some important features. You need an analytical backup to figure out the exact reason. Therefore, App analytics can help you to figure out exactly why your users are bouncing.

You can ask your Mobile App Creator to install an analytical tool that can help you in this regard. You can also find out where the problem is by taking a closer look at your app reviews. These reviews will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your app so that you can fix it and protect yourself from bouncing.

Use Push Notification to Re-engage Inactive Users:
Sending push notifications is one of the best way to re-engage inactive users if done properly. Generally, 60% of the users considers push notifications. But it is also important to not send them too much push notifications. Push notifications work best when they are used sparingly, provides relevant and required information that is of some value to the users and is heavily personalized. For example, for an e-commerce app, a push notification about a flash sale with some discounts can bring a lot of dormant users back to the app and they may start doing purchases. For a car booking app, push notifications about limited period of discounts or free rides can do the same.

Sending Personalized Emails to the Inactive Users:
After the App Development is over, your app is live and you start getting lots of visitors, one of the best way to engage and bring back inactive users is by sending them personalized emails. Email is one of the best way to reach out to your dormant users and doesn’t require as much work as needed in push notifications. You just have to focus on keeping the message personal and exclusive to your inactive users in order to get the best results. Creating a category of your inactive users can help you greatly in sending relevant messages which are personalized and can be targeted to bring them back to your app.

Taking Inactive Users to the Most Relevant App Screen by Using Deep Links:
Deep links are just like normal hyperlink but they are for mobile apps. You can use deep links to take users to the exact app screen which they may prefer to see rather than first showing them the app’s homepage. You can add deep links in all of your re-engagement efforts to make your inactive users engage with the most relevant page of your app without wasting their time and protecting them from unnecessary and long navigation. Hence you can ask your app developers to add deep links in all of your re-engagement efforts like emails, notifications etc. to get better results.

Enable easy social sharing:
Social sharing is not only important for content based apps and websites but it is also beneficial of the mobile apps if you enable your app users to easily share their in-app activities and achievements on their social profiles. This will not only re-engage existing users in the user’s circle but it will also give boost to word-of-mouth promotion.
For example, take a case of the Nike App. When a user completes his track on Nike, the app gives him the options to share it with his friends on social media. There is no doubt that this works in favor of the app as he shares how much miles he has covered in how many minutes alongwith some other information. Those of his friends that are already using the app, get motivated and re-engage with it and those who haven’t heard of the app, become more willing to start using the app.
Similar is the case with so many Games apps which also lets users to share their achievements while playing the game on social media like Facebook or Twitter. It also helps in bringing back lots of app users.

As we have just discussed Mobile app market is expanding day by day and business from every industry are trying to enter the same. But it has to be remembered that it requires 10 times more effort and resources to acquire new users. But retaining the existing ones only requires proper re-engagement strategies implemented properly. We have discussed how you can easily bring back your dormant app users back to the app. Maintaining a high user retention rate will help you grow more sustainably in the app market. You should also do proper testing and analyses to know what works best for your audience.

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Being an experienced Mobile software developer at Xicom Technologies, Judi Toledo is passionate about web & mobile technologies. Researching on new technology that could help to enhance software functionalities. She keeps eye on the latest happening in the software industry to remain updated with the current market trends.