Much of what an individual says and does emanates from their view of themselves. Their success or failures will result in their self-image. If they do not think they are good enough, the people with whom they are engaging will see that. An entrepreneur who does not show bold confidence to employees will not be able to be a good leader. An individual who does not confidently thrust his words into the conversation will be ignored. Confidence will shape everything about an individual's life. It is also something with which many individuals struggle, but they do not have to. There are a few simple tips to help you feel more confident.

Act Confident
There is an old adage that informs us that if a person pretends to exhibit a certain behavior, they will begin to truly exhibit that behavior. If a member of a debate team has to defend a proposition, they may begin to believe the proposition. If a lawyer has to defend someone, they will believe their case is true. Similarly, if you begin to act like a confident person, you will become a confident person.

Analyze the scenario
If you need the confidence to say hello, you should begin to ask what the worst possible outcome could be. In fact, the worst possible outcome that you could conjure up will probably be too outrageous to actually happen or it will not be intimidating. The worst possible outcome is if you shy away from something that you want.

Improve Appearance
Much of our confidence emanates from our appearance. Something as simple as professional teeth whitening by a dentist in Salt Lake City can make a difference. This will give you a boost in the conversation, no matter the scenario. A new wardrobe or simple haircut can also help. If you don’t feel confident on the on outside, you won’t feel like it on the inside.

Consider past achievements
You have done things in your past that you are proud of. You have been able to overcome obstacles. If you really apply your mind, you can do this. Just consider your previous body of work.

Seek out testimonies
Whatever it is that you are trying to do, other people have done it and have been wildly successful. Do a search of some positive stories about success in precisely what you are aiming to do. When you realize that whatever you are seeking has been within the grasp of so many others, you will also realize it is within your grasp as well. You will have confidence.

Learn from your mistakes
As you reflect on your past, you might cringe at some of the mistakes that you have made. No matter how minor or silly, take them as a lesson learned. They have established you as who you are and prepared you for the future. Rather than drawing self-loathing from your mistakes, draw self-confidence, because you have been confronted with certain obstacles before and you know how to handle them if you face them again. You can take solace in the reality that you will not make the same mistake again.

Define failure as it relates to your growth
When you do not achieve something that you set out to do, do not allow yourself to count it as a failure. This will only contribute to a negative self-image. Instead, weigh a project based on how much you learned from it and how you have grown. Weigh a project based on the effort that you put into it.

Much of our successes and failures can be traced back to how we see ourselves. But the truth is that with self-confidence, we can be everything that we want to.

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Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about family, health, home and lifestyle. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.