Your home is starting to look very dated, and you want a new, fresh modern look inside those walls. You probably cannot afford to replace everything at once, but making the following changes will have you well on your way to a much more contemporary residence. The best elements to add to your new decorating scheme could include:

One of the simplest and easiest methods of modernizing your home it to change your artwork. Take down all of those ornate frames, classic scenes, and ancestral family photos. Replace them with simple modern art. This doesn't have to be expensive. Just attend local art fairs and select prints that you personally like and that will fit in with the decor scheme you have in mind. Artsy or unusual photography is also a great route to follow when you need new pieces for your walls. If you cannot find exactly what you want, attend an art class and make your own with the colors and shades that you have envisioned on your walls.

Change your wall colors to a shade that is a great backdrop for all of your new additions to your decorating scheme. Paint over all of those off-white walls and replace the color with a more vibrant shade of pale gold, light aqua, or pear green. Add some accent walls of deep red, rustic brown, dark teal, or even navy blue for even more flair. You can actually take a large modern painting that you have purchased and choose your color scheme from that piece of art. Ask a representative at places like Koontz Hardware for assistance in picking out the very best selections in paint and paint accessories.

If your sofas look just like the ones at your grandmother's house, it is time to go shopping. Look for sleek lines, simplicity, and simple fabrics or leather. Unusual pieces that are both eye appealing and comfortable are the perfect choices. Sectionals for the living room are available in many modern styles.

Light fixtures are another aspect of your residence that can give your home a more modern look and appeal. Go for geometric shapes or pure simplicity when choosing a new chandelier or other ceiling fixture. Don't forget to replace all of those classic ceiling fans with more modern styles.

There are also many other simple methods of adding the modern element to your residence. Steps such as replacing all of your throw rugs, kitchen cabinet hardware, and curtains and drapes will also go far in helping you achieve the look you desire.

As is evident, the path to modernizing your home does not have to be a huge expense. The integration of these four elements will have you well on your way to cleaner lines and a contemporary feel in your living quarters. Keep on seeking new and vibrant ways of making your home more appealing and reflective of your personality and unique decorating scheme.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches.