Are you looking for a simple video editing software? Let me help you find one. There are actually many simple video editing programs out there and let me just suggest some of them to you.

Free Simple Video Editing Software

1. Windows Movie Maker

If you are a windows user then you can use its simple video editing program which is the Movie Maker. You can simply import your photos, videos, and music here and use the software's drag and drop effects and transitions.

2. iMovie

I'm not a mac user so I don't have many things to say about this program. I know however that iMovie is the counterpart of Movie Maker. It's also a free software that comes with the mac operating system.

Paid Simple Video Editing Software

1. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is great because of its ease of use feature. Even the professional version is not that technical at all. You can grab this software and enjoy editing your videos with it's great tools.

2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Video editors know that the pro version of Adobe Premiere is not suggested for home video editing. It's a good thing though that they have this "elements" version. It's an Adobe software but it's easier to use.

3. Pinnacle

Pinnacle is also a great program that you can use to edit videos easily. The transitions and effects are just placed by dragging and dropping them into your video clips in the timeline.

4. Edius

Edius is also a non-sophisticated video editing program for you. Its simple design and easy to use tools let you create your videos with lesser effort.

Online Simple Video Editing Software

Aside from those offline video editing softwares I gave, there are also simple video editing programs online. Here are some of them:

1. Jumpcut

Jumpcut is a free online video editing software. It has an easy to use program where in you can create videos and share them online too.

2. Animoto

However, if you want to have more professional looking effects in making videos online, you may want to check out Animoto. They have better yet very easy to use tools. You can surely enjoy making lots of videos by going to this site.

Aside from those I gave, I'm sure there are a lot more simple video editing softwares out there that you may want to check out. I'm just confident that you can already pick any from those I mentioned and you can already edit videos easily.

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Chamberlane Altatis
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