Stress and anxiety have become a very common challenge among people. A big percentage of people are battling stress issues. This has even gone to the extent of causing depression and death to some due to lack of good control measures. Stress is tamable, and this is as a result of daily pressure which most have mounted on their life. It comes with the daily occupations and the social pressure which has been contributed to some levels by the world of the internet. Therefore, here is how to relieve stress.


Taking a few minutes for practice daily can greatly help to ease stress and anxiety. According to research that was conducted by psychologist Robbie' Maller Hartman, Ph.D.' regular meditation can help to change the neural pathways of the brain, which enables you to become more resilient to stress. It is very simple. You should sit straight with feet’ on the floor. Close your eyes and put more attention on reciting silently or loud, an encouraging mantra for example, 'I feel at peace' or 'I love myself'. Put your hand' on the belly and try to sync mantra with breaths. Allow all the distracting thoughts to float.

-Have a Restful Sleep

According to a poll that was conducted recently, it was found that 70% of individuals reported having stress feeling; have troubles when it comes to sleeping. Lack of sufficient sleep is associated with heart problems, low immunity, and feelings of depression and anxiety. You can help relieve stress by skipping the afternoon coffee. Caffeine is believed to remain within the body for at least 6 hours and therefore, you should try avoiding it by all means. Also, ensure your phone is off before you retire to bed. The Facebook feed can keep you awake, so you should ensure technology is switched off.


Exercising can be one of the best remedies to counter stress. It may appear contradictory, but it should be known that physical stress in your body can be relieved through exercise. The benefits are many when you carry out regular exercise. Those individuals who exercise on a daily basis are less likely to have stress issues. The reason is that good exercise helps to lower the body's stress hormone such as cortisol. This leads to release of endorphins, associated with improving mood and plays the role of a natural painkiller. Exercise helps to improve the quality of your sleep that can be affected by anxiety and stress.

-Spend time with Family and Friends

Stress can be relieved through social support from family and friends. Being among a network of friends will assure you self worth and some sense of belonging. This can greatly help during tough times. A study confirmed that when women spend time with children and friends, they are able to release oxytocin hormone which is known natural stress reliever. This effect is also, referred to as "tend and befriend". It is the opposite of fight-or-flight' response which is elicited when in fear and anxiety. A study confirmed that women and men with few social connections are likely to suffer anxiety and depression. Although stress can arise maybe from personal life and workplace, it is always good to take control. With the above methods, you should be able to contain stress to some good levels.

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