A headache can present itself as pain in the face or head, and at times on the top of the neck area. Pain-sensitive structures include the eyes, bone, nose, skin, mouth, as well as ears. The teeth and the jaws could be sources of pain, too. The brain, however, is not pain sensitive, and thus not a true source for headaches. Headaches are likely to be the result of stress or muscle contraction owing to contraction of the neck and muscles for chewing.

Headaches can be taken care of with or without medication. Relaxation is one example of a non-medical remedy. Sometimes the body is fatigued or overstressed, that may cause a headache. Lying inside a dark room with the eyes closed, and relaxing for a while, may perhaps be enough to stop the headache. Other natural cures include a huge glass of water, a deep massage, aromatherapy, exercise, a warm shower, an ice pack, using pressure points, and diet modifications.

It is believed that dehydration is a very common cause of headaches. Because of this, consuming a huge glass of clear, cool water (or even any kind of fruit juice such as orange juice) may be able to start the relief process. A firm massage performed on the face, head, and neck, it is believed, can eradicate headache pain instantly. Where aromatherapy is concerned, it has been found that inhaling peppermint, sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus, and various other natural oils could decrease, or may even eliminate pain. These scents are available in some candles, oils, and soaps. Physical exercises usually increases the blood flow and circulation in your body, which will cause more oxygen and blood to reach the brain. Regular physical exercises should help with the prevention of headaches.

Hot water flowing down the neck and back is another highly effective natural solution. Just jump in the shower, turn the dial to hot (not scalding) and let gravity do the rest. One of the aromatherapy soaps pointed out before can also be used at this point. It is alleged that the hot water is capable of loosening the muscles and allowing an easier flow of blood, which results in fast pain relief. The ice pack therapy, which is quite opposite to the hot water remedy, is another choice to eliminate headaches. This simple solution could involve the application of a frozen wash rag, a large ice pack, a bag of frozen peas, or something else that is very cold. Besides providing relief from the pain by causing numbness, it helps to reduce any inflammation in the area; another common factor of headache pain.

The pressure-point process can be very effective if done properly. In this process, the fleshy pads of your thumb and index finger must be firmly pressed and let go for two minute intervals. In addition, it should be noted that a great many food stuffs contain substances which could induce headaches. Whenever a headache starts, the foods which were eaten before the headache should be noted. Keeping a record should assist you to analyze whether there is any pattern for the cause of the headache. Once identified, try to avoid those food stuffs which prompt a headache. Drinking a large glass of orange juice may also be helpful in relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow, thus providing relief from headache pain.

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