We always talk about doing a big clean of our entire house in the spring months, which is a great idea and definitely worth doing. It helps us clear our minds and feel more focused and productive after the job is done.

However, why not go one step further after you’ve dusted everything off and decluttered and think about ways to refresh your home’s décor, too?

A change might be just what you need to be inspired in your work or life. If you want to update one or more rooms and get a fresh feeling in your property after a long, cold winter, here are some ways to go about it that won’t overly drain your bank account or time reserves.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Comfortable, Calming Oasis

Since we spend so much time sleeping and resting in our bedrooms, it’s vital to make this area a place we’re happy to escape to. Turn your primary suite into a comfortable, calming oasis that helps you sleep better and recharge. It pays to upgrade your mattress if you haven’t bought a new one for many years. You can find an affordable mattress online or keep an eye out for special offers and deals during the year from other retailers. You might want to add a foam mattress topper to your bed to make it even plusher, too.

Also, spruce up your room by buying some beautiful new linen for your bed. Choose sheets, duvet covers, blankets, and the like that not only look lovely but feel soft and cozy to the touch. It’s best to opt for natural materials where possible to minimize chemicals, sweating, itchiness, and allergies.

Paint the Interior of Your Home

Another idea is to paint the interior of your home. While doing the whole house takes a decent amount of time and effort, or a fair bit of cash to hire a professional, you can add some oomph to rooms by just focusing on painting feature walls. Consider selecting contrasting colors for the feature walls to the primary colors in the rest of the room. Or, you might choose a darker variant of the color palette already there if you want a subtler look.

A quicker change you can make with paint is to color the inside of bookshelves in pretty, bright hues to create a wow factor for your display of books, trinkets, photographs, and the like. Also, you might paint old kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors in a new shade to brighten up these areas of your home.

Re-Tile the Splashback Area of Your Kitchen

A reasonably small yet effective project you could complete in a weekend or two is re-tiling the splashback part of your kitchen. You should only need a few square feet of tile, which means you don’t have to outlay a considerable amount of cash. You might even be able to purchase discounted tiles from stores that have end-of-line products they want to move on.

Doing the splashback tiling gives you an excellent introduction to tiling jobs if you haven’t done it before. Check out YouTube and other platforms for tips and tutorials to learn the basics. To really make your splashback stand out, consider buying some marble effect tiles, hand-painted Moroccan options, interesting mosaics, or even classic and elegant subway tiles.

Buy Some New Area Rugs to Tie Things Together

Adding an area rug to a bedroom, living room, family room, office, or other area sounds like a small thing that won’t make much of a difference, but this addition can tie a room’s décor together nicely and make everything look quite different. Buy a large rug in standout shades and patterns to create a focal point in the room you place it in and add softness underfoot.

You might also refresh your home this spring by replacing hardware and fixtures and fittings (think door knobs and handles, mailbox, etc.), updating window treatments, and switching out old light fixtures for new ones. You could bring in some greenery, add contemporary wall art, and change accents such as throw pillows and vases, too. Plus, rearranging your furniture is a free way to get your home looking fresh without having to spend a cent.

As you can see, there are numerous simple and affordable ways to refresh your home over the coming months, so it feels more inviting and stylish.

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Mayank Yadav is a techie who loves to write about anything directly or remotely connected with technology.