No one is immune to experiencing life’s obstacles. However, some people are better at overcoming adversity. Aside from impacting your mental stability, chronic stress can trigger physical health problems. Here are a few simple ways to relieve anxiety during a personal crisis.


Even when dealing with a trying situation, never allow yourself to become an inactive couch potato. Studies prove that working out is one of the most effective ways to compact anxiety. When exercising, your body naturally starts to produce more stress-busting endorphins. Even a light workout can help improve your mood. Simply going for a brisk walk at the park or jogging around the neighborhood can have a positive impact.

Avoid Caffeine

Upon waking up in the morning, many people feel they need their daily dose of caffeine. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to consuming caffeine. When dealing with a stressful situation, this stimulant can make you feel more anxious. Keep in mind that caffeine can remain in the bloodstream for longer than 24 hours. It may make it more difficult to obtain a good night’s sleep, which further elevates stress levels.

Consume CBD

For good reason, CBD is now more popular than ever before. While CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants, it’s not a drug. You won’t have to worry about experiencing symptoms like sluggishness and confusion. After eating CBD gummies, many people have commented on their more relaxed state of mind. CBD oil proves to be a safe alternative to many of today’s powerful antidepressants, which can be addictive.

Laugh and Enjoy Yourself

Don’t allow a personal crisis to sap your sense of humor. By helping to relax your muscles, laughing can dramatically reduce tension. Simply joking around with friends can put you in a good mood. Watching a funny television show will help you to crack a smile. Save the sad and depressing dramas for another time. Spending some time at the park can also tickle your funny bone. Animals and children are known for their amusing antics.


When things get tough, it’s always nice to have someone to hug. Cuddling gives you a warm feeling, which instantly puts you more at ease. After nestling up with someone, blood pressure and heart rate tend to decrease. If you don’t have a significant other in your life, a pet will be more than happy to be your cuddle buddy.

A personal crisis is just a small roadblock. Once you get past this obstacle, you’ll once again experience happiness. The key is to stay patient.

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