When you are thinking about the design of your business or organization’s website there are a lot of different ways you can go and many different styles. Website design Brick is most effective when you follow a few ground rules so here are some tips to follow.

Make the homepage simple

The homepage should give your core message straight away without the need for in-depth reading. Most people do not read each word, it gets scanned and they get a sense of things from the images and keywords they see.

  1. Important content needs to be positioned above the fold so they do not need to scroll to see what it is about.
  2. The content should be spaced with thought leaving some areas blank and keeping the text in easy-to-manage paragraphs.
  3. Images are important to communicate your point and to create feeling.
  4. There should also be a call-to-action message.

Think about visual hierarchy

How things are displayed is important on the page for the most successful website design Toms River or where you are. It needs to keep content clear and draw attention to certain elements first and then in order of how important they are. Visual hierarchy is made up of;

  • The placement of the element so you use a certain layout to guide your visitors' eyes in the right direction.
  • The weight and size of the content, so you have the logo and business name having more weight and being larger and then less important content being smaller.

Make sure the content is easy to read

Making sentences and phrases readable means making them easy to recognize. If a website design Brick creates high readability it means users can scan it easily. To achieve that you should;

  1. Have good contrast in color between text colors and background colors.
  2. Choose the best fonts that are easy to read.
  3. Choose a size for the letters that everyone can read which typical main text is 16pt.
  4. Keep the number of fonts to no more than three.
  5. Use text themes so a large bold title, and subheadings that are smaller and then content that is a little smaller than that.

The website should be easy to navigate

People leave pages if they are hard to move around. An easy-to-navigate website also does better with SEO. To help improve the site’s usability you should;

  • Give them vertical navigation options
  • Make sure the logo takes them back to the homepage
  • Put work into the footer
  • Pay attention to the menu

Be mobile friendly

With so many people accessing websites on their phones it is only common sense to have your website design in Toms River take into account being mobile friendly. Pretend you are a user and navigate your site on your phone and see whether it works. The mobile site should have less clutter and certain aspects will need to be scaled down in order for it to work. Click on ever page, button and call to action and see how well they load. Try to offer unique mobile features.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.