Many people are aware of the concepts of the law of attraction, positive thinking, and manifesting. However, as someone who works with people on how to put these to use, I took special interest when I began noticing a recurring theme coming up with my clients. "How do I manifest more of what I want in my life?" is the question that kept popping up. They would say to me, "I am working with the principles of gratitude, service, giving and receiving, forgiveness, affirmations, love, etc., and although I am seeing some great progress, there seem to be some blocks around the good I want to attract into my life!" Shortly after, during a profound meditation, I received a clear message stating "SIMPLIFY to MAGNIFY".

We often accumulate a lot of extra luggage, whether it's on the emotional or material levels. After carrying this luggage for a while, we begin to define ourselves by it and forget who we really are. Usually, the material luggage show up in physical form as overflowing, messy, cluttered homes or work spaces. This is just a reflection of what is going on internally and blocks us from receiving more, from manifesting what we truly want.

Using the principles stated above will greatly simplify the extra heavy luggage that we carry within. Once this area is taken care of, and you still experience some blocks around receiving more of your deepest and truest desires, then check to see if you have SIMPLIFIED your physical surrounding space. Any material items that you have not used in over a year - whether it be clothes, paperwork, or anything else collecting dust, it's time to donate, sell, or get rid of! If it makes you feel better, pick a couple of things to keep that have a special meaning for you. Otherwise, it's time to clean house!

I have witnessed tremendous shifts and miracles due to this wonderful process! I like to add lots of fun to my simplifying practice with music, games, etc., so be creative and SIMPLIFY to MAGNIFY more into your life!!!

Peace and Blessings!

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Emmanuel Dagher is the creator of Magnified Manifesting (, a powerful new technique that works on a deep subconscious level to significantly enhance & accelerate the manifesting process. In alignment with the law of attraction, his new technique has revolutionized the way people manifest their highest visions and deepest desires for themselves and includes musical recordings that provide an easy, yet extremely powerful way to further accelerate the manifestation process simply by listening to beautiful, uplifting music.

A medical intuitive, holistic health practitioner, sound therapist, and life coach, Emmanuel specializes in clearing deep subconscious blocks people have that prevent them from experiencing optimum health, financial wealth, joy, inner peace, love, creativity, clarity, and energy. The transformations and shifts Emmanuel witnesses in his client’s lives on a daily basis have been nothing short of miraculous. Over the years, he was moved to create a technique that would greatly enhance and expedite the incredible shifts he was already witnessing, which led to the development of his Magnified Manifesting technique.

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