If you want to prevent sinus infection, there are a number of simple ways that you can do so. There is no need to stress yourself, and you are not required to learn about them too much. But you do have to be faithful in performing the preventive steps that work for you, or else sinus infection can come creeping in.

Nasal Irrigation
Just like brushing your teeth daily can keep cavities from developing, nasal irrigation can prevent sinus infection from inhabiting your sinus and nasal passages. Nasal irrigation is simply the process of washing the insides of your nose clean. A warm saltwater solution is usually enough to soothe and moisturize the nasal passages. Letting this solution into one of your nostrils, and letting it out of your other nostril can take away dirt, excess mucus and other unnecessary elements within the nose. Dry and irritated nasal passages will also definitely feel relieved. Using aloe vera or natural herbs can further make nasal irrigation a pleasant experience.

Breaking Bad Habits
There are living habits that are just hard to break. But if your health is jeopardized by some of the things that you do, wouldn’t you want to reconsider and choose better habits instead? For instance, eating a lot of chocolate and other dairy products is not bad in itself. But when done excessively, you can be more prone to having sinus infection. So to prevent sinus infection from developing, it is best to moderate your intake of dairy products and other triggers of infection.

Other habits that you can do without so you can prevent sinus infection are:
- Smoking – this can keep the nasal passages occupied with dirty smoke, irritating the respiratory system.
- Regarding common colds or other related conditions as trivial or unimportant – while it is true that some bout of the colds just needs to be endured, there are cases where you should be more concerned, particularly if the colds are felt with other symptoms like headache and fatigue.

Clean Up of Surroundings
A lot of the unnecessary elements that make way into your nose can be found in our living areas. Dust mites, pet dander and fungi can settle in our carpets and furniture. Bacteria may come into contact with you through spoiled food or any living body (plants, animals, humans). Viruses reside in corresponding hosts – like infected housemates or co-workers. A good way to prevent sinus infection is to avoid the abovementioned elements as much as possible. Perform routine cleaning of your home and workplace. Minimize time spent with others who have sinus infection. Always clean your hands before letting them touch your mouth, eyes or nose. These are all basic things that we can do to prevent sinus infection as much as we can.

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