Zombies are one significant element of the current fashionable culture but it seems like zombie games and zombie films are far more famous than other things connected with zombies. Folks that are truly into zombies almost certainly know a lot of things, but for regular folks a lot of these things are completely unknown. Provided that you are new in the world of the zombies, reading zombie books is a wonderful way to get into their spirit, so here is a list of five zombie books that you are not going to put down until you are not going to read them until the end.

1. The first book presents the action from a viewpoint of a military man who sees disaster from which develops zombie hit. The book follows his daily life in those conditions, his attempts to stay alive and his contacts with zombies. This book created by J. L. Bourne is named “Day by Day Armageddon”.

2. Book named “Walking Dead”, created by Robert Kirkman presents the zombies with a lot of features, explaining the procedure of turning from live to undead. In the middle of the story is a policemen whose occupation is to assist others, but in this situation he must assist himself also.

3. “The Rising” presents the zombies as very clever but at the same time, incredibly wicked creatures. They have the power to think, the power to understand information and adapt to the conditions, but their wickedness gives the sinister side of the story. The book is created by Brian Keene.

4. “Autumn” is another book that is going to keep you aside from the zombie games and the films. This book yet has five parts in this sequence and is pretty sure that you are going to grab the four next parts after you read the first. Appealing in this book is that survivors from a zombie disaster tell their story, putting scary psychological parts. Writer of this book is David Moody.

5. “World War Z” is as well one of the top zombie books. The book by Max Brooks talks about a war between folks and zombies. Appealing about this book is that it is truly passionate, truly intriguing and changeable and makes you feel astonished from start to finish. The style of the book is pretty strong so sometimes is hard to define the reality from the imagination.

Nice thing about these five books is that they are actually nice books, not only a weak collection of zombie things, so they are suggested to everyone.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.When you have free time relaxing with playing zombie games.