Sincerity is the word. It is the power behind all success in personal refinement.

Pure thought is the power to command. Thought is made impure by fears, falsity, distractions, false desires, false personality, fragmentation, identification and so on.

Sincerity is pure thought. But what is sincere thought? Impeccable action. Being who you are, not who you think you are. To be sincere requires personal freedom. One must be free to be sincere. True sincerity is like freedom, it has no ego fear of being hurt.

A desire to do something that is said to be the right thing to do is not always sincere, it is most often just learnt as the ‘right’ thing to do. In the moment is the only place sincerity can be found, spontaneously.

We know that the intensity of your desire is increased by your level of desperation. The level of desperation determines how much that question fills your mind. The more it occupies your mind, the stronger the magnetic centre will become and the more likely you will be to attract the subject of the desire.

Remember the meaning of words and look for the concept that is meant as we are going beyond just the surface meaning of the words alone.

Why do we have to be desperate to have the emotional intensity to have a burning desire strong enough to create a strong magnetic centre?

The process is very complex as you have discovered by learning about the machine of the mind and so must be taught in steps so that you can understand each one as they must all be comprehended well. The final and ultimate characteristic is sincerity.

This world does not encourage the growth of sincerity. Sincerity is a quality that must be deliberately developed and cultivated in each person by that person.

It is your sincerity that opens doors and knocks down barriers. But do you have true sincerity? Doubtful. Do you even know what that feels like?

All these qualities required in the process of building a magnetic centre are almost identical with slight variations.

For example in one tradition there are 99 names of God that are taught. Not to be religious here, we can still learn from this mystical practice. The 99 names are the attributes of God. We learn the names and their meaning to attain those qualities in ourselves. The names are sometimes so similar that it is hard to see any difference. As well, some even contradict each other.

We learn the importance of minute change making an immense difference to the outcome in nuclear physics. By the removal of one to three electrons, such a tiny particle, a radioisotope can be altered such that instead of taking millions of years to become neutral, it will do so in days. Iodine-129 has a half-life of 15.7 million years; iodine-131 has a half-life of about 8 days. So you see, on the atomic level, so small that you could never see it with your eyes or mind, such a significant change can take place. As it is in the material world, so it is in our inner life spiritually and in character.

Sincerity increases with the reduction of false personality. False personality decreases with the increase in sincerity. Either way works. Minute actions in your daily life can make this significant difference. The results are infinite in potential of what your life can become.

Now the question is how to become sincere if you already believe you are sincere. The first step is to constantly question yourself objectively on everything you believe, think and say. Are you truly sincere about that.

Ask yourself the 5 questions each night before sleeping so you can cover the entire day.

Try your best to speak sincerely. Of course, there are times that you should not be blatantly open about all your thoughts. It is very important to understand that sincerity and honesty or accuracy are not the same things.

To be sincere is to mean what you say. If you have to bend the truth which is necessary much of the time in this world, you can know you are doing that. Here we come back to self-lying and imagination. Self-lying is to believe what you say, that is insincere. To tell a lie and know you are lying and the reason you are doing it, is self observation and objective view of self. You can be sincere in lying to protect someone or to protect yourself.

If you know someone is trying to get information out of you so they can take advantage of you and replying to their question claiming you don’t know the answer is wisdom. You know you are sincere in protecting yourself. Here you have a chance to develop sincerity in your character while still surviving in the world. Wisdom is necessary to cultivate true sincerity.

The one who develops in their environment according to the rules of their environment has the chance to control their environment.

Sincerity develops with more awareness of your own feelings, being awake rather than in a waking sleep speaking and living unconsciously automatically. Being present cultivates sincerity. The practice of sensing in your abdomen while breathing and interacting helps you gain a sincere feeling of yourself and that develops sincerity in you. You can then choose your reaction consciously with awareness of what you are doing.

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