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of November, 2001

Getting Through the Holidays
Remember...Stay out of your head!

The Holidays!

This Holiday season is bound to be like no other we have ever known. The
joy we will feel in being with our families and exchanging gifts cannot help
but be impacted by these last several agonizing months that we've
experienced as a people.
If you are performing this holiday season, it's important for you to get
plenty of rest and nourishment, singers! There will be so much anxiety in
the air that you must be prepared for emotions to enter into all of your
performances and upset your equilibrium a bit.

I mentioned all the do's and don'ts related to eating and drinking last
month, but what I'm talking about here is anxiety that can steal your breath
and leave you limp and weak. This when the fundamentals in the manual "A
Voice For a Lifetime in 30 days" are so crucial .

Practice them religiously before you go out to perform. Then concentrate
on bringing as much joy and hope to your audience as you possibly can.

Remember, singers...the time to practice is before the performance, and
once you have, then forget them and BE THERE for your listeners, sharing
your gifts and filling the world with the hope the holiday season represents.
Good luck!
Remember...Stay Out of Your Head!
You may think you know what I mean by this admonition because I'm always talking about singing in you true voice, your real voice, your full body voice!
But not this time.
This time I am discussing your "other" head...or YOUR EGO!
I would like for you to always remember, singers, that your gift of voice comes with responsibilities. And they are these:
to share to uplift
To teach and reach out
to communicate
to gain and maintain your own humility and gratefulness of spirit.

If, along the way, you also achieve personal success...with the fame and
fortune that goes with them, that's great! But that alone is not why you
sing. If you have only the goal of becoming famous and making a lot of
money, you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you sing for love and love alone, your chance of success rises and you are fulfilled at the same time... way down deep in the most remote crevices of your soul.

Do you get what I'm telling you, singers? The word talent comes from the
Greek word for natural endowment, or gift. You didn't create it.
It was given to you. Please do not waste it on mere material acquisition.

Share it!

Bring people together over it! Change the world with it! And above all,

Okay...nuff said! We will not be publishing a December newsletter...too
many performances during the holidays, but we'll catch up with you in
January, 2002. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us, either by
email, or on the message board! Have a blessed holiday season, and keep

Practice makes Permanent!
See ya next year...

Author's Bio: 

Chrys Page, Singer, Vocal Coach, writer, has been entertaining and coaching other singers for more than 40 years. And at 70, is still all about the music as a tool of giving and inspiring. Determined to never retire, Chrys continues to reach out to singers of all ages and to all levels of ability, so that each person who desires to express him/herself through singing can feel moved to do so, without embarrassment, and without the EGO getting in the way of success!

As a student of the Law of Attraction, Chrys combines vocal instruction with the principles of LOA for a joyful experience of learning and performing.