Modern window industry is able to offer customers almost any kind of glazing. Depending on the needs of the buyer, the type of premises and financial possibilities, you can install either single-glazed windows, double-glazed windows or triple-glazed windows. We describe their features and characteristics.

Single glazed windows

With single glazing familiar with each. What is single-pane plastic windows? They are frames in which one glass is mounted. The disadvantage of this type of glazing is that it has low thermal insulation, approximately 3 times lower than that allowed by territorial building codes (TSN) for the territory of Melbourne. The thickness of the glass affects mainly the soundproofing characteristics. Therefore, if you install glass not 4 mm, as is usually done, but 6 or even 8 mm, you can achieve high sound insulation but a single glazing window but in terms of thermal insulating characteristics a single glazing window will still not be acceptable. Even if the single glazing is performed at a high level using modern technologies, the heat in the house will not increase much, only the level of noise and humidity will decrease.

Today, single glazing is used, as a rule, only on balconies and loggias, and then only if you don’t plan to spend a lot of time on the balcony. For installation in apartments and houses it is better to use plastic or wooden windows with double or triple glazing, ie with double-glazed windows.

Double glazed windows

Plastic or wooden windows with double glazing are used in the event that a sufficiently high level of thermal and sound insulation is required. Double-glazed windows are double-glazed windows with a camera in between. A distance frame is installed between the panes around the perimeter, and the outside of the glass unit is insulated with special sealants. This type of windows are very famous in the Australia, so more then 70% citizens has them in their houses.

In double glazed windows, an air gap that is located between the panes has insulating properties. To ensure a high level of thermal insulation, the distance between the panes should be between 16 and 24 millimeters. If this gap is reduced or increased, the heat-saving properties may deteriorate. You can check double glazed windows melbourne prices on the official site, which are provided this system installing.

However, it should be noted that plastic or wooden double-glazed windows in terms of thermal insulation are still completely inadequate. Thermal insulation properties of a double-glazed window, that is, with a single-chamber glass unit, is 1.5 times lower than allowed by territorial building codes for Melbourne, and therefore their installation in residential premises is prohibited. A variant is double glazed windows (with a single-chamber glass unit) with the use of glass with a special selective coating acting on the principle of a thermal mirror. Such windows are 20% warmer than even triple-glazed windows. In more detail about such double-glazed windows it is told in the article: “Choice of double-glazed window”.

In the climatic conditions of Australia it is recommended to install plastic or wooden windows with triple glazing. Triple-glazed windows are equipped with double-glazed windows (three panes with two cameras in between). The thermal insulation characteristics of triple-glazed windows fully comply with the requirements of geographically - building standards for Melbourne. From the point of view of noise insulation, triple-glazed windows (with double-glazed windows) are slightly superior to the noise insulation that double-glazed windows (single-glazed windows) provide. However, in the windows with triple glazing, a resonance effect may occur. In this regard, the situation of noise in the room, we recommend to solve not so much by choosing the number of glasses in the window, but by increasing the thickness of the outer glass.

Triple glazed windows

So, knowing the basic characteristics of the window with single, double or triple glazing, the consumer will be able to choose the type of glazing to their own taste. It can be a cold construction for glazing of a loggia, balcony or veranda - single-glazed windows, windows for non-residential premises - plastic or wooden windows with double glazing, or structures for residential premises - triple glazed windows (double-glazed windows) or double-glazed windows ( single-chamber double-glazed window), but with use of glasses with the selective low-emission covering. Only the type of glazing properly selected according to your needs guarantees you its compliance with your expectations, warmth and comfort in your home.

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