If you listen in to a group of single women talking, you might realize that they mostly talk about the men in they meet. What's more, you might realize that they can speak volumes about the things that men do that annoy the heck out of them. These discussions often turn into full no-holds-barred rant sessions that make you feel glad you don't know these women.

But these discussions prove that there are a ton of things about single men that women hate with a passion. Here are some of them. Take a look and see if you're doing something wrong!

1. Sacrificing your status to make her happy

Some men think that if they do everything women want, women would like them more. Big mistake - women hate this kind of behavior. They don't want men who are weak, tentative, and doesn't seem to have his act straight.

2. Being Clingy and Insecure

By "clingy," I don't mean physically touchy-feely - although women can be turned off by such behavior. But being psychologically clingy is even worse. You're psychologically clingy when you never leave her side when you're walking around the department store, or when you keep asking if she likes you or if you're her type. These kinds of insecurity make women think you're a pest.

3. Not Leading, Or - Worse - Trying To Get Her to Lead

When you plan to take her out to dinner, but keep asking her whether the time and place is okay for her, then you're giving her the impression that you don't know how to handle a relationship. Women find it wussy, and it annoys the heck out of them.

4. Using Insecure, Approval-Seeking Body Language

Have you ever acted polite and formal with a woman on the first date? You may have faked a few smiles and laughed at all her jokes, trying to maker her like you. It may be "nice," but women also think its "wussy." She may not see it, but trust me when I say that she sees right through you.

5. Not Understanding that she's A Woman and you're A Man

Women are coy and play hard to get. They enjoy the thrill of "catch me if you can." Men, on the other hand, are competitive and dominant. They play for the win. The problem is that you may not act like a man when you're with her, and women have a word for this: "girly."

6. Being Boring

This is probably the easiest mistake to make. Women love men who can make them laugh and feel good but hate men who are all flowers, gifts, and dinners.

Now you know what women hate most about single men. Just keep these things in mind and you can turn things around in your dating life.

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