Righteousness is good morality and sin is that which reasons uneasiness within your soul and which your aversion people to become knowledgeable.

Sin is that feature in a Muslim’s life in which he or she makes an effort to desist from at all costs. Allah cautions all of the manhood that everything manhood does in this world will be put before us on the day judgment. Allah mention in Quran: And he who does a particle’s heaviness of good will see it. And he who does a particle’s heaviness of evil will see it.

Allah Almighty also cautions mankind that the one whose bad actions (sins) are weighty will be in Hell, as can be found in Quran. A Muslim’s trouble is to live the life of a supporter and distinct from the similarity of the sinner, as Allah distinguishes the believer from the sinner. Allah also Said: Is he who is a supporter like unto him who is a sinner? They are not alike! For those who trust and do virtuous works, for them are Parks of Departure, a welcome for what works they did. And as for persons who do evil, their house is the Fire. When they wish to leave, they will be involuntary back into it, and it will be said to them: Taste the nuisance of the Fire which you used to discard.

We, Human, are mystical beings in adding to being physical objects. Our Maker Allah the almighty has positioned a characteristic wish within our souls for us to accept blimey and to feel guilty for breaking the guidelines of our Maker. We have to go against our usual nature to become content with a state of defiance. Our natural and upright nature is to accept the instructions of our Maker.

This is called deprivation. Being deprived of information for knowledge is light that Allah reasons to reach the heart, and sin quenches that light Allah has produced light to arrive your heart, so do not dowse it with the dark of sin.

The sinner will find dark in his heart, which he will feel just as he textures the dimness of night. So this dusk affects his heart as the bodily darkness affects his dream. For compliance is light and defiance is darkness. The sturdier the darkness produces, the better becomes his misperception, until he falls into novelty, misguidance and other things that lead to fate, without even understanding, like a blind man who goes out in the dark of the night, mobile alone it grows sturdier until it covers the face, which seems dark and is seen by everyone.

When there are numerous sins they leave a mark on the This dimness produces solider until it shelters the eyes, then heart of the being who obligates them, so he develops one of the neglectful. As one of the authors said, concerning the verse: Allah said No! But that which they used to obligate has covered their hearts with corrosion.

When a servant regrets then Allah Almighty makes the Angels overlook his sin and makes the members forget them and the Earth overlook them until he will meet Allah almighty on the day of decision in a state that there will be no observer upon his sin.

The evil which man does with the will of Evil and his own wish. Allah is not content with evil or bad actions, and good performances make Allah pleased and decent is done by the help of Allah, but Allah only helps who requirements good and puts forth exertion. May Allah guide us all and excuse the sins of the past and the current and protect us from upcoming sins.

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