Sinus infection is the condition where the sinuses become swollen and inflamed. This restricts the mucus from draining properly, thus causing mucus buildup in your nasal passages. The buildup may cause pressure in the areas where the sinuses are located - eyes, forehead and cheeks. The pressure manifests as a sinus pressure headache. The pain that you will experience radiates around your cheekbone, under your eyes, in the area of your forehead and your nose bridge. Aside from that, you may also experience other symptoms like the following:

Greenish or yellowish nasal discharge, often tinged with blood.
Sore throat
Pain that radiates on the upper teeth
Fever, fatigue and cough

How to Relieve a Sinus Pressure Headache?

If you are suffering from a severe sinus pressure headache, it might be necessary to consult your physician immediately. You will be given antibiotics, nasal pills or sprays, and you will be advised to consume OTC medications to relieve the pain and congestion. In rare cases, physical problem is the cause of sinus infection and for this; your physician might suggest that you go through surgery.

Home Remedies for a Sinus Pressure Headache

For mild cases of sinus infection headache, you can relieve it using natural home remedies.

One effective remedy for sinus headache is steam therapy.There are two ways of doing this. First, you can go to the bathroom and fill it with steam. Stand inside for several minutes and inhale the vapor coming from the steam. This will help clear the congestion and reduce the headache. Another way to do it is to boil water and put it in a bowl. Place a towel over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. Inhale the steam coming from the water to thin the mucus buildup.

Using saline spray is also helpful in relieving a sinus pressure headache. Simply fill a spray bottle with saline solution and squirt the solution to your nostrils. Inhale the solution slowly to rinse your sinus passages and relieve congestion.

When you sleep, make sure to keep your head in an elevated position. This helps promote proper drainage.

Increasing your fluid intake is also important when suffering from sinus infection. This will help flush out the toxins from your body due to the infection.

A sinus pressure headache is a very common condition that can be experienced by anyone.This condition can be debilitating and discomforting, and it may hinder your regular activities. To relieve the pain, you may try any or all of the remedies mentioned above. Alternately, you can also consult your physician for more help.

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