Have you ever stood in complete faith and anticipation of what is to come? Holding yourself in anticipation of what is to come will release resistance to what is, allowing what you want to come in. There will always be a natural balance in your life. If it feels like your world is falling to pieces, it will eventually balance itself out. However, if you get ahead of it, it will balance out faster. To get ahead of it, sit in POSITIVE anticipation. When you go through tough times, the “coming out” of those tough times will always breath relief. Often, we focus on what is not going right that we miss the sigh of relief. This is one of the most exciting parts of your journey. Nothing goes on in your life that you do not ask for on some level. When things start to turn around, you should feel joy and excitement because it is every moment that YOU create. You are the creator of your own reality. If you move through life with the attitude of “it will only get better” it will get better; it has no choice.

Think about what I am saying and then take a few minutes to sit in silence mulling over your life. Now, with complete faith and positive anticipation of what is to come, say to yourself, “it will only get better”; and then begin to imagine how you want things to be, FEELING the essence of that which you desire. Feel the excitement coursing through your veins of how your life is about to unfold.

Over the last four years I have been “sitting on the edge” never knowing what is going to happen next. When I changed my attitude to a more positive and focused one, I found excitement in my life. My whole vibration changed and things began to go my way! When I wake in the morning, I am like a kid on Christmas day. I am full of anticipation of what will take place that day. I look forward to every moment, while staying focused in the moment. When you sit in this type of anticipation, you will soon discover that nothing “big” has to happen for you to feel good! In fact, you will feel alive again! You will soon find that goodness comes in all shapes and sizes!

The greatest part of this is that you do not need to know the details of what is to come because you already know that it will be nothing short of what you desire, if not more!

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Cindy is a Personal Development Life Coach. Her knowledge and expertise comes from 20 years of study, personal life experiences, and from working as a community volunteer and mentor. Cindy coaches people towards finding their own personal power through inner awareness; guiding them along their own unique path toward true happiness and life fulfillment. To learn more about Cindy go to www.cindy-ortiz.com. Personal Blog go to www.leaplikeafrog.com