Electrical vehicles are very popular these days among users due to their environmental and other practical benefits. Other benefits include less emission of carbon dioxide and reduced maintenance and running expenses. As a result, the demand for electric vehicles has greatly increased in the automobile industry in recent years. Improved versions of electric vehicles are being developed to fill the gap between combustion engines and electrical engines.

The components of electric vehicles do not need to be changed very often. This is because they are built differently from traditional internal combustion or gas vehicles. But like other vehicles, EVs are also susceptible to wear and tear.

Although they are designed to last longer, they may be affected by external influences and get damaged. Thus, your electric vehicle may also require roadside assistance and may need a tow truck to carry it to the mechanic’s shop or dealership.

A few reasons why electric vehicles may require roadside assistance are:
Flat tires

The most common reason you may require expert city-wide towing service is that your electric car’s tires may get flat. Electric vehicles are heavier than normal combustion vehicles. And the presence of batteries makes the engines bulkier and heavier. These put increased pressure on the tires. Consequently, the additional weight and pressure on the tires increase the chances of your electric vehicle experiencing flat tires more than the mechanical ones.

The increased pressure makes the tires work more, and experience augmented wear and tear. Hence, the latter makes the tire’s life short and tends to create problems in unprecedented situations. If you find your electric car stuck on the road owing to a flat tire, your go-to option is professional roadside assistance services.
Running Out Of Charge

Mostly, an electric vehicle can only travel a specific distance before its battery runs out. This range may depend on the model of the vehicle, the load that the vehicle is hauling, and its overall efficiency. This means that you may end up standing in the middle of nowhere if you cannot find a charging station nearby for your vehicle.

In addition to this, your vehicle may run out of charge when you forget to hook your vehicle up to a charging outlet or if you struggle in finding a parking area with a charging station.
Dead Battery

The battery getting dead does not mean the battery is running out of charge. A dead battery means that the battery won’t hold a charge anymore, and taking it to a charging station may not prove to be fruitful. Although technology is advancing day by day, such as the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, no battery can last forever.

This means that your vehicle’s battery is susceptible to deterioration and needs to be replaced after a few years of usage. Unfortunately, if this happens in the middle of a journey, then you may need to call a roadside assistance provider and tow your car to the nearby dealer to get a new one.
Brake Issues

Like standard cars, electric vehicles may encounter problems with their brake system. EV brake systems are designed to manage their level of exhaustion. Most electric vehicle drivers assume that their braking system may not require tuning. They assume that the batteries of EVs are self-sustaining, which leads to various problems.

As a result of no maintenance, many EV drivers often get surprised when their braking system starts to create problems while driving. The brake pads and rotors may require replacement as they get torn and worn over time. In this regard, no risk should be taken in the maintenance of the braking system. Therefore, you should not take any chances if you have a malfunctioning brake system. You may need to contact a towing service provider for expert roadside assistance in case you find your brake system malfunctioning.

When you are driving a small electric car or an SUV - small breakdowns are common. There are situations where you find yourself stuck in an unfamiliar area without any knowledge about the car’s breakdown. It seems like a daunting situation, right? It certainly is, your motor can break down due to several reasons. For example, there may be a problem with all-wheel drive or the charge has completely gone out.

Whatever the reason may be, professional roadside assistance and towing service providers can be your guardian angels. Now you need to tow your broken car to the nearest mechanic or charging point to get it back on the road.

Similar to vehicles with traditional combustion engines, electric vehicles can also experience severe damages in road accidents. Sometimes, due to your safety and the intensity of the impact and the damage, all you can do is call a towing company and get your car towed to the repair center.

Conclusively, with the driving trend moving towards electric vehicles, the need for roadside assistance will only change but not decrease. Knowing how roadside assistance and towing services can help your electric vehicles can save you from a lot of on-road troubles.

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Electric cars don't translate to no roadside issues. The article explains some situations where your electric car might need roadside assistance services.