The Universal Healing Energies is the energy that flows, from what I call G-d, you may have a different name. It is accepted by most as that of the Life Force Energy of the universe, part of which resides in every living thing. It is, therefore, important that when giving healing you are connected to the source energy, the Universal Healing Energy, otherwise you will be depleting your own reserves of healing energy, but also to replace and top up your own reserves of source healing energy.
You can tell if you are not doing so, because if you feel tired after giving healing, you have depleted your own energy; conversely if you feel energized after giving healing you have been connected to the healing source energy and have top up your own reserves of this life force healing energy.

The other important issue is not to take on any negativity from your client.
I will go into this more deeply as we work through the steps.
Step One.
Make your friend comfortable. Use a comfortable upright chair or bed so their spine
is well supported.
Ask you friend if there is anything they feel you should know?.
You now know what areas you need to focus on; that does not mean that you should
not also use your inspiration as a guide as well.
Step Two.
Stand behind your client, close your eyes and ground yourself and open your chakras.
If this terminology has no meaning for you, just imagine your feet are growing
roots, burrowing deep into the earth and say a small prayer 'I ask that I may open
to the universe and that all my energy centers are opened to bring me into alignment with God's Universal Energies'. Then ask that a cloak of protection be place around both yourself and your friend so that only the energy of love and light may enter.
Next 'I ask that my guides and helpers draw near for the purpose of healing'.
Next 'I ask (use your friend's name) Higher Self for permission join with you and my higher self for the purpose of healing .
Step Three.
With the palms of your hands raised upwards say I pray and ask "that I may be used
as a conduit for the Universal Healing Energy to flow through" and then just wait
a few minutes until you feel a connection.
Step Four.
Slowly allow your hand to go first to the area your friend has outlined, if it is
a sensitive area 3 or 4 inches or 10 cm (in new money!) above the area is fine. Just
imagine the energy flowing from your hands in those areas. Stay there until you feel
it's time to move on then go to wherever you feel inspired and repeat he process.
Next place your hand gently over the palms of their hand and imagine sending the healing
energy out through your hands into theirs and that the healing energy is flowing
through their entire body to wherever it may be needed.
Step Five.
Once again, stand behind your friend. Offer a prayer of thanks to your friend's
higher self, use their name 'I thank you for the privilege of being allowed to enter
your space for the purpose of healing, then mentally separate yourself from your
friend (perhaps take a small step back).
Step Six
Now it's your turn.
Raise your hand up and ask for healing for yourself. Imagine feeling the healing
energy flowing into you. Say a prayer “I ask for healing, that all my energy
be replaced and any and all negativity that is not my own, be removed and for guidance
in my own healing.”
Then just wait and imagine the energy flowing into you.
Next offer a prayer of thanks for the honor of being a conduit or instrument of
healing, thank your helpers. 'I ask that my friend's energy centers be returned
to normal and a cloak of protection be placed around both my friend and myself as we return to our daily life’s. just imagine closing all your energy centers and disconnect, back to normal.(If you understand the Chakra system, close down your friend's Chakras and then your own). Feel yourself well grounded, then gently place your had on your friend's shoulder with a little pressure.
Tell them to take a few deep breaths to help them re-orientate themselves.

Time for a nice cup of tea.

Please note that this outline is not meant as a healing course and does not negate the necessity for proper training by a well recognized organization.
To become a healer takes knowledge and understanding, working within a proper
structure. This is simply an exercise you might like to try with a close friend that you know well

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Misell has been involved in spiritualism and spiritual development for over 30 years. Currently chair of a local healing center in north London dedicated to helping new healers, Bernard also runs a spiritual development circle with his wife an life partner Adele.
Bernard also writes and produces Guided Meditations. You can download a Free Unconditional Love guided meditation on his website
Bernard Misell is a Strategic Master Clinical Hypnotherapist with 14 Years Experience. With his expertise Bernard Misell has developed his own field of Hypnotherapy. He draws on a variety of disciplines within the therapy field, such as CBT, NLP and EMDR. He has created a therapeutic mode that is effective in resolving problems within a few sessions, with long term results.