Purchasing an Apple product can be expensive, but the best part is, you can get some awesome bargains on refurbished Apple products. And these are pretty good!
However, before you purchase a refurbished Apple product, there are specific facts, which you should be aware of.

Six facts for you before purchasing a refurbished Apple product

Refurbished isn’t Same as Used

Every part of a refurbished Apple product is 100 percent functional. If any parts of the Apple product, starting from the hardware to the battery or the charger is not operational as per the standards of a new Apple product, it is replaced.

They come with a warranty

If you are looking for refurbished Apple products, search for an authenticated apple store in Auckland New Zealand – they will surely sell you products that have a warranty. Stay away from cheats and don’t buy from any store which denies coverage.
Some stores provide a basic warranty for a year that you can upgrade by paying extra. Electronic goods, refurbished or new is costly, and sellers respect your need for assurance.

Each product is tested

Each refurbished Apple product goes through a test. It includes not only hardware and software tests but also a thorough check of all the components of the products.
In case, any issue is found, the part is sent for troubleshooting. At times, to resolve the issue, the troublesome part is replaced with a new one.
Only after a product passes through all the functional testing, it gets the approval to be sold as a refurbished product.

Refurbished Apple product will not have any data in it
If a product is refurbished, it will never have any data in its internal storage. It is going to be as clean and fresh ass a new Apple product.

New operating system installed

After cleaning the hard drive, a new operating system gets installed in the product. So, when you receive your refurbished Mac or iPad, it is going to have a clean copy of the OS, ready for you to set up.
The software will be like a new model, and you can either set up the device up as a new one or restore the backup from your previous device.

The cosmetics look will not be the same as new
This is one significant difference between a refurbished and new Apple product. Though the appearance will be thoroughly cleaned and repaired, it may not look like a new one.

You can select from the three different levels of cosmetic condition

  • Excellent
  • The body and screen will be in absolutely perfect condition.

  • Good
  • Though the screen will be in excellent condition, you may find scratches or marks on the body.

  • Fair
  • There will be scratches or marks and look used, but it will be completely functional.

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