Every crisis is different. Maybe you are logging in the Yukon and you cut yourself badly with a chain saw, or maybe you are working as a medical records administrator in Chicago and federal inspectors show up in your office demanding to see a medical chart you can't locate.

Your first reaction in either of these two situations would be totally different. For the crisis in the Yukon wilderness, you'd call an onsite safety service like 911 Industrial Response Inc that specializes in wilderness first aid. For the crisis in the Chicago medical records office, you'd start checking the logbook to see who last had access to the missing chart. 

In any crisis, however, there are certain key principles to follow in order to stay calm. 

Prepare for the crisis before it happens

Always assume that the worst could happen and prepare for it. That way if it does, you're ready. Whether you're in the workplace or at home, have plans ready for natural disasters, bomb threats, sinkholes and whatever else you can think of. Expect the unexpected and try to be ready for anything. Aliens probably won't invade, but think about how you'd respond if they did. 


The key to keeping your body calm in any crisis is deep breaths. Breath in through your nose and mouth, hold the breathes and release them slowly. Once the body is calm the mind will follow. 

Be decisive

Assess the situation you are in and take whatever steps you can to get out. Think about what you are doing first, but you need to act fast. 

Keep up appearances

Even if you are full of panic on the inside, try not to show it. Appearing calm is especially important if you are leading other people through a crisis. Hysteria is contagious. 

Stay positive

If you're attitude in a crisis is that you are doomed, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will be. 

Work with whoever you are with

If you're in crisis, put aside whatever your differences are with the people you are with and work as a team to get out. Even someone you can't stand may have the know-how to get you both out of whatever the jam is. 

Whatever the crisis, if you are prepared, focused and positive you have a better chance of getting out of it and moving on. 

Author's Bio: 

Karleia is a freelance blogger.