There are a many variations of Twitter software and management tools available today, whether you’re browsing through your PC, Mac, iPad or mobile device. Each has their own features, but also their limitations. Finding a tool or software to manage your Twitter experience can easily influence your attitudes towards the micro-blogging service both positively and negatively – so choose your Twitter interface tool carefully.
Having used Brizzly ( on a PC for several months now to manage my Twitter accounts, I wanted to share some of the benefits so that you too could streamline your experience and clear up some of the clutter that creeps in as you build up your Twitter profile.

Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

This software allows you to add up to 5 different Twitter profiles and manage them all from the same Brizzly login. For users that are managing multiple brands or perhaps a personal Twitter account and another for business, the ability to quickly switch back & forth is a blessing. Your follower lists and other standard Twitter functions are clearly separate and easy to manage. You can also add a Facebook account (new feature).
Twitter Features (Already) Included

For the most part, whatever you can do when you’re logged directly into Twitter, you can also accomplish using Brizzly. Among the basic features that you’ll have no problem continuing to use are: post new tweets, retweet, send/receive direct messages, building follower lists and much more.

The additional features that Brizzly adds to the basic Twitter interface greatly increase your productivity and ease-of-use when considering new users to follow, post photos and other tasks you’re accustomed to.
Save Your Tweet Drafts

There are the rare occasions when you draft a tweet, but you’re not quite ready to post it yet. Within the Brizzly tool, any tweets that you write can be saved as a draft for later publishing. Perhaps you’re prepping to tweet about a news story you’re writing or a response to a controversial topic, but you’re not quite done researching yet – save your thoughts to a draft and then revisit them later when you’re more prepared or the timing is more appropriate.

See Embedded Info Directly in Brizzly

If you hate clicking on shortened URLs, YouTube and Twitpic links to go see what people are talking about, you’ll love the embedded auto-preview of all these elements when you’re reading your Twitter stream in Brizzly.
Within Brizzly, you’ll know BEFORE YOU CLICK, if people are posting affiliate links, promoting their products w/ masked URL shorteners and also see the domains the information is on so you know if you want to go there.
Additionally, YouTube videos can be played within your Twitter stream – you don’t have to go over to YouTube to see them. Tweeted photos also appear inline, much the same way the videos are embedded.

Continuous Scrolling to Pull Up History

If you’re like me, you hate having to hit the “More” button on your Twitter stream to keep reading older tweets. Brizzly constantly updates and adds new tweets to the stream as you scroll down the page – much like the image search feature on Bing.

The Best Feature – Mute Annoying People You Follow

The top reason why I believe you should consider using Brizzly is the “mute follower” feature. If you’ve been using Twitter for any amount of time, you’re sure to be following some people that a) tweet too much or b) you’re following for reasons other than actually hearing what they have to say. The “mute” feature allows you to follow the people you want to – perhaps for good posture in your community – but also allows you to block all of their tweets from appearing in your reader/stream.

There are several other less impactful features in the Brizzly interface, so give it a try for awhile and see if it helps improve your time interfacing on Twitter.

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Cory Howell is a search engine marketing consultant for MorePro Marketing in Phoenix, AZ, with 10+ yrs of experience building, coding & optimizing websites. Follow Cory on Twitter via @moreSEOtips or MorePro's SEO blog to learn how social media, SEO and other Internet marketing strategies can help your website.