2019 is a marked year for three reasons; May 19 is marked for three.

May 19, 1780 was a historic “Dark Day” (Google). Pioneers in New England couldn’t eat or read without lamps at noon. Many believed it signaled “the day of the Lord,” Joel 2:31

May 19, 1980 was a dark day anniversary 200 years later when Mt St Helens erupted on the 18th and winds took the ash over 3 northwestern states. Just a coincidence, or did God mark May 19?

May 19 this year is expected to be huge because “the day of the Lord comes as a thief…when they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” 1Thessalonians 5:2,3.

The pope’s peace between Catholics and Muslims was ‘Peace and safety’ talk, and Pres. Trump’s Peace Plan on May 15 has biblical timing when a sacrifice* is selected for Passover, Exodus 12:3. Christ gave 6 parables linked to Passover a month later that preachers and rapturists have missed.

“As the days of Noah,” the Flood came with Passover timing (time of judgment) but in the 2nd spring month. Noah entered the ark on the 10th day, the same day Trump announces the Peace Plan When people refused Noah’s invitation, they selected themselves for sacrifice* on 10th day, above.

Failure to see parallel signs and act biblically will spell trouble as events unfold. Joel Skousen’s book, Strategic Relocation, may be summarized as getting out of cities (high population density)

A similar warning by Christ to flee applies now. “When you see the abomination…standing where it ought not,” Mark 13:14. Early believers understood his warning as applying to Rome, and when the Roman army under Cestius came in 66 AD, Christians fled and were spared the siege when Titus came at Passover, 3 1/2 years later.

3 1/2 years ago Pope Francis was “standing where he ought not” in US Congress. Pope Francis represents the “Mother of Abominations” in Revelation 17 where half a dozen clues can only mean Rome (involved in governments, wealthy, mother of other false churches that no longer protest her, history of persecution and sitting on seven hills--clues all seen in Rev 17:2-9.

We can expect a huge event like Titus, maybe in Jerusalem with Muslims as seen in Zech 14:1,2. Or maybe in the US, like the 1.4 mile-long train with tanks seen recently near Sacramento--tanks designed for urban warfare, https://youtu.be/q3eh2qhibRE Our military is run by the Pentagon with strategies from the CIA. It’s been called Catholics In Action because its leadership are all members of Catholic secret societies like Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus, etc.

We’re seeing a build-up to a UN gun-grab that others are videoing https://youtu.be/Wz1q3jbSZLU and the push will be for the pope to be in charge of the UN New World Order. He seems so mild mannered and tolerant of everyone. Welcome to Babylon, Rev 17:5.

We can get there via a FEMA camp with re-education , maybe suggested by Christ’s sequence in Matthew 24. After “as the days of Noah…Then shall two be in the field. One shall be taken.” Matt 24:40. “Then means at the same time or as an immediate consequence, and we are talking about 2nd Passover that begins on the evening of May 19.

The fictional “Left Behind” books and movies missed Luke’s version of “one shall be taken. The disciples asked, Where, Lord? Christ replied, Where the body is, there will the eagles gather,” Lk 17:36,37. FEMA camps are more likely to use incineration, https://www.endgameplan.info/listofcamps.html But we focus on details and forget “Then” as timing for Noah’s Flood and 2nd Passover, “watch.”

One last example: Christ ended his parables in Matt 25. When five women missed the wedding, He said “watch.” That’s a clue for Passver as the only night in the year being awake was for all of Israel, Exodus 12:10; Matthew 26:38-41.

Then Christ said, You don’t know the day or hour. The Greek word, eido, means be aware, consider, understand. Christ was saying, You don’t understand because it’s like a man traveling to a far country. Matt 25:13,14. If Israelites took a long trip in spring and couldn’t get back for Passover, they were to keep it a month later as provided in 9-11----Numbers 9:10,11

The problem with preachers is their focus to bring a smooth easy message week after week and the average church has no depth of study; it’s described as lukewarm, blind and naked, Rev 3:17. That’s a bad combination with Christ outside knocking and it applies to western churches, but we forget that the ancient church of Laodicea ended in an earthquake that destroyed the city, ~63 AD

“As many as 75 state, local and federal agencies held a four-day drill last May on how to receive a massive number of evacuees from populated areas such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, that sit along the San Andreas fault.” San Diego Union Tribune

Seismologists cited by the LA Times have estimated the risk of a major earthquake at 85-99% over a period of several years (10-22-15), Why now is because all the above signs line up for May 19, the time of 2nd Passover clued by Christ, and marking this year because it falls on 2nd Passover when “Peace and safety” is announced on the day of sacrifice & 3 1/2 years after Rome was “standing where it ought not”.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events & Bible prophecy.