You’ve done everything right so far. You know who your ideal target is. You attend networking events to meet new prospects. You schedule a series of Get Acquainted Calls. The calls go really well! Your prospects get what you offer and they want it. But, instead of saying “Yes” at the end of the call, they want to talk to their spouses first about working with you.

How do you handle when a prospect defers to his or her spouse? This is actually an objection and it allows your prospect to put off the decision to work with you. Usually the end result sounds something like:

- We can’t afford it right now

- After the kitchen is done

- The timing isn’t right, etc.

You are talking about an investment to work with you so no matter how good the relationship may be, it’s easy to see how resistance can come up about committing to work with you.

Here’s how you can handle this obstacle straight on. Give these prospects the selling point so they can talk to their spouses more easily and get them to realize the benefit of working with you:

1.Take the prospect step-by-step through handling the conversation with their spouse
2. Have them print out the ‘Conversation With’ pages from your website
3. Have them print out testimonials from your website
4. Tell them to say, “This is how (your name here) works. This is what people who have worked with (your name here) have to say about their exciting results.”
5. If you have any video testimonials – this can be very powerful
6. Send your prospect what I call the “Here’s what we talked about” email with everything spelled out for the spouse as well.

Keep this in mind – sometimes prospects use “the spouse” excuse because they don’t want to come out and say “It’s too expensive” or “I’m not interested”. So they blame the decision on the spouse. In this case, there is really nothing you can do to turn things around. You’ll get an idea if this is the case when you ask the qualifying question, “If you were going to do this, when would you be ready to start?” You can get a good idea by the answers you get. For example, if a prospect says “Next week” that would be more positive and likely than “After the kitchen is done” especially if that timing is an undefined point in the future.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Plan ahead and get your “here’s what we talked about” email ready now for those prospects who want to talk to their spouses. When you are prepared, you won’t need to scurry around trying to figure out exactly what you want to include in this important script. Being prepared for these situations will make you so much more successful when it comes to landing a new client.

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