Are you just plain fed up? Is it because you lack time management skills? You're not alone; there are thousands of people who have the problem of time management. If you have ever walked the streets of Manhattan, then you must have noticed how people were rushing to and fro. Just like the streets of Manhattan, many other cities are bustling with people in a hurry to get somewhere.

One person is late getting back from lunch, another is trying to catch a train so that he won't be late for a meeting and yet another person is running late for an important business. Imagine all the stress people are having, rushing and worried of being late. Wouldn't it be better if all these people learn how to manage their time properly in order to avoid rushing and being worried of getting late?

You need to possess time management skills to prevent yourself from stressful situations. You'll work efficiently if you manage your time properly. Good time management skills will enable you to do more work in less time.

Six Time Management Skills

1.) Preparation: Know what your day will bring and what is to be done by making a daily to-do list. This helps you to remember appointments and other tasks that need to be done by you before the end of the day.

2.) Be in Time: Allow yourself some time to make your appointments. Leave early so that if there is a delay brought by traffic or other interruptions, you won't waste time. Arriving at the last-minute or being late will make you to be worried and not to be relaxed. You should always arrive in time.

3.) Prioritize: When you make your daily to-do list, prioritize the most important tasks. Complete the most important tasks first so that if something comes along and derails your plans, you won't have to worry about not doing something vital.

4.) Don't Be a Perfectionist: If you have an important meeting or a special function like a wedding to attend, don't obsess over the small stuff that will cause you to be late. Don't waste your valuable time on minor details that are not all that important. Being a perfectionist will lead to wastage of time.

5.) Don't Procrastinate: Set your priorities and then start working to accomplish them all. For example, you may decide to clean your house while waiting time to pick up your friend from the airport. When time comes, drop your household chores and go get her. Don't delay because it is a boring task to perform.

6.) Just Say No: There are so many hours in a day but these hours may not be enough for you if you don't manage your time properly. If other people or your job requires more of your time than you're able to give, then just say "No." Figure out what is most important like your family, your own health and sanity. Put these things first rather than letting other people run you ragged.

Slow down and devote your time to what is the most important by saying no to things that will lead you to waste your time. You need good time management skills in order to work efficiently and to avoid unnecessary worries.

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