People who like to drive around takes good care of their cars. Look around, and you can see 15 years old car working just fine. Those who are into preserving the beauties they own dedicate a whole lot of time, energy, and money on them. You can make your car run longer with the help of these six tips, which are minute things that you can do easily and without spending too much from your pocket.

1. Keep the Filters Clea

Air filter and oil filter in your car can get clogged if not cleaned for a long duration of time. For air filters, washing it once or twice in a month is enough to increase its lifespan. You can also make it worth the money by adequately scheduling your services. During the cleaning of the filter, refer to the handbook for tips and steps to clean the filter. Make sure you put fresh engine oil when you replace it. Because used ones have sludge, moisture content, and filings which reduce longevity. If by any chance, you have to replace it, use original ones.

2. Protect the Paint Job

If you want your car to look still new after five years of purchase, here is the tip. Use an exterior cover. This will prevent the car’s color from fading due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. The paint job of your car holds a significant part in making your car always look new. Clean your car’s exterior every week and carefully remove the grime and dirt and make sure you do not leave any part behind. Cleaning thoroughly and using a cover helps the color look fresh and new all the time. It is better to wash it yourself because automatic washing might cause small scratches on the exterior.

3. Battery Maintenance

If you are not using your car for a long time, it is better to remove the batteries and put grease at the end of the wore to prevent rusting. If the battery gets degraded, jump-starting it can be more stress on the battery, and this affects it severely. In cold weather, drive your car at least once a week because batteries can get damaged if not used for a long time under cold conditions.

4. Keep the Tires in Check

Checking the tires at least once every two weeks keeps the safety on point. If you are ignorant in this area, the maintenance is going to cost you so mucḥ. Top up the tires with the recommended air pressure. If it is under-inflated, it can affect fuel consumption. Tyre pressures are different in front end and rear end. You have to make sure you keep rotating or swapping your tires to make the wear even and for their long life. It is better to use least-worn on the rear end for safety purposes.

5. Replace Leads and Spark Plugs

If you want to optimize the performance of your engine, you can replace your spark plugs and leads from time to time. You can either do it yourself or approach a mechanic. Consult the handbook if you are doing it by yourself and always make sure you do not miss any service which is scheduled depending on the time or number of miles covered. Replace the spark plugs if they are showing signs of wear or reduce the engine capacity. Leads get cracked or worn out over time. They need to be replaced by a reputed company who also carries out radiator repair in Perth.

6. Stick to Servicing Your Car at Proper Times

Regular servicing keeps your car in good condition for a long time. Do not skip them just because you feel your car is working fine. Do minor services regularly which checks for an oil change, rust, suspension, and lights. Major services cover replacement of parts like the spark plug, cambelt, and air filter. You should also check for exhaust emissions, steering, gearbox, and brake wear. These are the top priorities when it comes to safety.

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