Being a shopaholic person and after continuous personal shopping sprees for my friends and family, I’ve noticed how easily a woman can moderate her shopping, dress styles, and fashion skills in Pakistan.

So, I thought about sharing my best styling tips to make your style more elegant so you can feel even more like the confident, gorgeous and perfect woman you already are!

1.  Explore Your Fashion Vibes:

In Pakistan, majority of women like to wear shalwar kameez. As it’s a traditional as well national dress. But don’t forget that there are multiple variations of simple shalwar kameez when it comes to dresses for woman in Pakistan. Some brands are offering amazing outfits like Mohagni, Sapphire, Alkaram and Khaadi.. Arrange your wardrobe according to the trend and season. It will make you look more up to date

2.  Know What Suits You:

People who are more possessive about their style are attuned to their tastes and effortlessly build a wardrobe out of them. Knowing what suits you makes you look more elegant. Woman’s wear brand Mohagni gives you a gigantic variety dresses for women in Pakistan so you can pick as per your will what you need to wear.

3.  Wear Your Complete Wardrobe At Least Once:

To be honest, we have so much crap we never wear get to wear. Let’s follow Wear It Once procedure to clearing the wardrobe mess, without investing more cash or extra energy in your closet. Wearing every dress gives you one of two things: another life for it if you get the feeling that you will love to wear it again or a reason that the outfit needs to get out from your wardrobe. If you are confused about any dress, then wear it again. You'll decide by the end of the day that you want to keep it or not.

4.  Figure Out Your Body Shape And Size:

You know your body and size and how it is and will keep on changing according to age. Learning to work with and love what you have is one of your most amazing skill. Women who comprehend what wo

rks for their body see how to compliment it. Brands offering dresses for women in Pakistan such as MOHAGNI, SAPPHAIRE, ASIM JOFA and ETHNIC have all sorts of sizes as well. They have huge unstitched collection. So you can make it according to your size.

5.  A Comfortable Outfit Is A Must:

If you don’t select your dresses carefully, you might have to fix your dress every couple of minutes, and you will unable to have any fun at all. Make sure every items of your dress fit perfectly, so that nothing is slipping and you look perfectly gorgeous with a comfortable outfit. 

6.  Working With A Limited Budget:

The difficult part of shopping is to decide when it’s enough. It’s more than easy to be carried away, plan little bit before you go on shopping, Start by making a list of items you need. Second step is to look for possible discounts, like MOHAGNI offering a huge sale on its stitched as well unstitched collection. However, don’t purchase anything just because it’s cheap. The chances are that you won’t put it on more than once, Always pick quality over quantity. If you’re confused that should you purchase an expensive item, make sure to check its lining. If you’re able to check its quality, take it. A nice lining is a sign of designer clothes.


If you're trying to improve your dressing, remember! Keep yourself updated about fashion trends getting popular nowadays and choose your wardrobe accordingly. Also, pick your dress according to the occasion. Keep these tips in your mind to improve your dressing skills and rule the fashion world.

Have fun. Stay gorgeous! 

Author's Bio: 

Tayyaba Hassan is a Karachi based blogger who is balancing her family and social life along with keeping her passion for writing alive. She is a polished fashion analyst who finds solace in penning down the latest trends and whatever catches her eye.