Everyone wants to use the minimum resources to achieve the greatest purpose of diet is also a way we often use. Many people are wondering how the different dietary adjustments to achieve health purposes. In fact, this method is not difficult, according to the following this recipe as long as you do, oh amazing health benefits. As the saying goes: Business is business. So let us from the "eat" started.

To drink a few mouthfuls of soup before meals

To drink a few mouthfuls of soup before eating, lubricate the oral cavity esophagus, to prevent dry hard foods stimulate the digestive tract mucosa, is conducive to eating food, after dilution and mixing, promote digestion and absorption. And fasting soup, soup can be uniformly dispersed in the small intestine, nutrients are easily absorbed. In contrast, meal soup is a healthy way of eating harmful, not only dilute the soup has been well digested mixed chyme, will dilute the stomach acid needed for digestion of food, affecting digestion. Eating the correct order should be: soup, vegetables, rice, meat, fruit after 1 hour.

Regular vinegar cooking dishes

Vinegar contains 20 amino acids and 16 kinds of organic acids, is a nutrition and health and health food seasoning, it is natural bacteria "killer." When cooking, put a little vinegar, make food and vitamin water-soluble B vitamins C, chemical structure becomes stable, not easily destroyed by cooking and can be a variety of vitamins in food a more complete inorganic salts and trace elements preserved.

Afternoon a small nut

Peanuts, sunflower hazelnut walnut and other nuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other healthful fatty acids, contribute to physical development and physiological regulation, may also delay aging. In addition, due to hard-shell nuts outside, we do not have to worry about pesticide residues and other food safety issues.

Dark-colored vegetables to eat

Dark is dark green vegetables, orange red purple black and other vegetables. Determine the level of nutritional value of vegetables, mainly to see trace elements and vitamins beneficial to humans the number of active ingredients. Scientists found that the darker the vegetable, the higher its nutritional value; color the more light of its nutritional value is lower.

To choose the light meat meat

Meat can be basically divided into three categories: meat type poultry category Fisheries. The former can be referred to as red meat, white meat, the latter two can be called. High-protein high-fat meat category; high-protein low-fat poultry and Fisheries. But only in marine fish and shellfish among the DHA and EPA, on human health is extremely useful. So nutrient composition, the four legs of the (meat) can not compare the two legs (poultry), did not compare the two legs legs (Fisheries).

Early glass of vegetable juice

When you know what day is best to eat fruit? The answer is: the morning. The best interests of the morning to eat fruit nutrient absorption, the more effective the more discounts later. So why drink Juice? Because our stomach takes about 1 hour to digest the fruit, If Juice fruit, just 10 minutes to the small intestine can be absorbed. Together with the juice of fruits and vegetables because they are similar to food nutrition, such as all contain large amounts of vitamins and a small amount of minerals, but not the same, the combination of nutrients will be more rich together.

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