There are many ways in which you can hurt your career. Planning a successful career needs a lot of energy, effort and planning. If you don’t work according to a strategy, career failures are expected. Below, we are going to talk about those issues that can cause your career to fail. When know the path that can lead you to failure, you can prepare yourself to achieve career success.

Given below are some important issues, which if you not well taken care of, can hurt your career pushing you back in the race for success.

Not Having a Strategy
You are certainly going to hurt you professional career if you have not planned an effective strategy. There are many professionals who don’t bother to work out a strategy that will lead them to career success. Don’t ever make such mistakes. Plan out a strategy in advance to beat out the competition and move ahead.

Damaging Your Online Reputation
Like brands have an online reputation of their own, professionals too should have an online reputation. If you are damaging your reputation on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LikedIn, you are going to hurt your career and face failures.

Crossing Professional Boundaries
While working in the corporate world, you should always remember to follow some guidelines and ethics. Whichever company you work with, crossing your professional boundaries can cause your failures and setbacks. Keep your personal life separate from your professional life.

Chasing Money all the Time
If you chase careers only for money, you are following a wrong path. While choosing a career, you should focus on job satisfaction and your personal values. Pursuing career just for the sake of money won’t lead you anywhere. It is one of the major reasons that hurts one’s professional career.

Burning Bridges while Leaving Jobs
It’s good if you decide to switch to a new job for better career opportunities. In any case, you should never burn any bridges while leaving your current company. Such behavior will do nothing but hurt your career. While leaving an organization, try to keep your contacts intact with co-workers, colleagues and other senior level professionals.

Losing Professional References
Make sure you don’t lose touch with personal references if you want to continue growing throughout your professional career. Keep in constant touch with all the co-workers and professionals who may be of help in future. In addition, spend a good amount of time on growing your network of professional contacts.

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You always need to plan a strategy for career advancement. A well planned strategy helps you beat out the competition and achieve success in your professional career. Another key issue to obtain success is choosing the right career path. If you are confused deciding the right career path, you can take a free career aptitude test to make sure you are headed in the right direction.